Thursday, August 14, 2008

Why I'll NEVER Go Back to Church Reason #2,345,678 - Pastor Murders Wife, Buries and Freezes her Corpse, Impregnates 19 Year-old Daughter

No disprespect to my hellfire and brimstone peeps, but ya'll REALLY need to rethink this God and Church thing.

In southern Alabama a pentecostal preacher was arrested after preaching a sermon at a revial being hosted by the Inspirational Tabernacle COGIC. Wanna know why? He murdered his wife, buried and exhumed her corpse, and then froze her for a trophy. As if that crime weren't heinous enough, turns out Mr. Jesus incarnate was raping and molesting one of his daughters and ended up impregnating her.

Anthony Hopkins is currently in jail and awaiting arraignment and indictment from the grand jury.

Now how did NO ONE know about this situation? This man fathered 8 children with his wife and had been raping and abusing his oldest daughter during that entire time. I am so glad the 19 year old woman developed the courage to report his sorry ass to the police. When investigators interviewed the pastor of the church where Hopkins was arrested she sounded so damn ignorant. If you are the pastor of a church you have a moral resonsibility to PROTECT your church members. This includes making sure that all ministers and guests are vetted properly.

I hope that this fucker is killed while he's in jail. He certainly isn't worth the flesh his sorry ass is printed in.

Monday, August 11, 2008

John and Elizabeth Edwards = Bonnie and Clyde of the Democratic Party

Good day fellow readers, bloggers and lurkers! By now I am sure that most of you have heard about the revelation of Senator John Edwards affair and possible baby-daddy status for the bastard child he may have sired with Rielle Hunter aka Living-under-assumed-names-and-in expensive-condos-and-houses-with-PAC money. Now before I delve into my take on this situation, I have to give my knee-jerk caveat; some white folks are just goddamned nasty!

For many of you who perceive yourselves to be the moral conscience, compass, and plum line of our country, ya'll really do some fucked up shit! I mean, I know black people are messed up, but most of that is related to de-compensation for a lot of the shit we had to endure in our dealings with you.

On to my... .02 about the Edwards, the bastard, and the skeeza...

So what would you moral pundits say about two people who attempt to deceive the American public by flat out lying to it? Would you trust them to be President and First Lady? Lets add some more dimension to this because it gets even better. Both people are trained lawyers, realize the importance of upholding the truth, and also realize the dangers of perjury and how lying undermines the system of justice they both swore to uphold.

So, reports have been coming out with even more information regarding John Edwards' affair and the timing of when he revealed his affair to his wife. According to several news outlets and even the Edwards themselves, the affair happened between 2005 and 2006. Both John and Elizabeth have reported that John-Boy admitted the affair shortly after it happened.

So, poor, cancer stricken, Elizabeth knew about her husband's cheating ways and also denied the accusations on her husband's behalf. Stand by your man or First lady opportunist?

My problem with this is that these two individuals are LIARS. Period. Having a metastatisized form of breast cancer doesn't abrogate you from being honest. What Johns did was wrong... dead wrong and I hope he gets exactly what he deserves for lying to America, but more importantly, lying to and cheating on his wife. However, Elizabeth was complicit in her husband's lie while she defended him against the affair allegation even though she knew about it.

Is the allure of the presidency so strong that it compels people to do anything to get it? Probably so. Lord knows the OG Bonnie and Clyde of the Democratic Party, Billary, would have auctioned Chelsea off to some Indonesian sweatshop for the opportunity to live at 1600 PENN again.

I'll admit... I was upset with John when the revelation came out. I completely bestowed victimhood on Elizabeth because I felt sorry for her because she has cancer. Then I started thinking, what if she knew and lied with and for John? Of course my suspicions were confirmed.

Yes, Elizabeth is a victim in this horrible series of events, but she's also a liar. Her husband is a piece of scum and so is the woman who bore him the bastard child he denies fathering. In this instance they all deserve each other because they behaved like common trash, especially the Rille and Jon-Boy.

The only true victim in all of this is the baby who will probably never know who her father is because John Boy and his baby's momma don't want to go before Maury Povich to do the paternity test - and the two children he fathered with Elizabeth.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

CHITLIN' EATIN' NEGRO EXTRAODINAIRE, Kwame "KK-da-Pimp" Kilpatrick to Spend Night in Jail!

Don't you just love it when sorry negroes get their come-uppance? I'm gonna come back to this later, but read about it here.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Triflin' Ass Bastard Award: Black Couple Loses Extreme Makeover Home After Taking out 450K Loan to Start Construction "Bidness"!

File this one under the "always looking for a hand out category". Please excuse men while I attempt to wrap my mind around this story out of Metro Atlanta.

Apparently, the Harpers and their brood had fallen on hard times and their home fell into a state of irreparable damage. You know how the story goes, dad was a hard worker, but got down-sized, mom attempted to hold the family together by taking odd-jobs to make ends meet. If only someone would GIVE them the opportunity to succeed, to cut them a break - SURELY they would be able to "get on their feet".

Add the backing of a powerful TV network, a great production staff, and a few heart wrenching interviews about how hard and how unfair life is and VOILA! You have the makings of an excellent Extreme Makeover Home Edition episode.

Now let's get to this award I'm handing out to the Harpers. For starters, their existing home mortgage was paid off by ABC and the city in which they lived raised over 250K in cas for the Harpers and their children. In addition, a separate fund was created for home maintenance expenses and the entire home was out fitted with every modern amenity known to man, including top-of-the-line furnisings.

Because the newly constructed home was worth substantially more than their dilapidated old home AND their mortgage was completely paid by ABC, the Harpers retained full ownership of their home with 100% Equity. The harpers then used the home as collateral to secure a 450,000 DOLLAR LOAN to start a construcion business that FAILED. They also used the loan proceeds to buy cars, furs, and take trips. Sounds a little Chitlin' Eatin' doesn it?

The house is going to be auctioned off on August 5 as a result of foreclosure proceedings.

Why attempt to open a construction business, but in the several years that it took for your house to fall into disrepair, not have picked up a hammer and nails to fix your own god damned house!?!?!? Why?!?!?

I would be embarrassed like hell to have started a construction business, if I was so trifling and too damn lazy to fix my own damn house. That was a STUPID idea!!! That should have been a red flag for your sorry assess. You saw an opportunity and milked it and I don't feel sorry for you at all.

I hope your neighbors have the good sense NOT to throw any more money at your trifling azzes.