Monday, June 28, 2010

Perpetuating the Failure of Black Men: How Infantalization and Coddling Have Ruined Most of US.

You know how it is. Life begins to happen and before you know it, all those promises you made about blogging on a regular basis end up in the field of broken promises... where they die. I have no real excuse for forsaking my blogs with the exception of laziness. So, to my readers and lurkers, forgive me. I am back though. I'll take re-entering the blogosphere one day or post at a time. That way, I won't feel so pressured to be blogging and I won't feel guilty when I'm not posting.

Today's post won't be done proper justice in one post, but it is certain to be a conversation starter. There have been several stories over the course of the last few days that have irritated me in the same manner hemorrhoids irritate the people you see in those Preparation H commercials. Not for nothing though there appeared an overreaching theme. In each story and I'll provide a synopsis about each of them, there was some tortured black man embroiled in a some scandal that he created himself, but failed to accept the responsibility for creating the scandal.

Ironically, all of my actual media stories will come from the Detroit Free Press, so admittedly this post may appear biased against the Motor City, but it's ONLY because Detroit (Day-Twat) is the home of the Chitlin' Eatin' Negro and all of his spawn. So my first story is about Mr. Otis Mathis, a PRESIDENT of the Detroit Public School Board who was forced to resign after he pulled his dick out during a meeting with the female Superintendent of Day-Twat Public Schools. While Mathis groped and fondled himself (whether to completion still remains a mystery), the female colleague became visibly offended and reported him AS any VICTIM OF A SEXUAL ASSAULT SHOULD DO, (yeah, I'm taking it there). Mathis summarily issued a letter of resignation and then arbitrarily rescinded it and issued an apology. Mathis claimed that he knew his actions were "inappropriate" and that he "needs treatment". Really? Just inappropriate? Is that what sexual assault has been reduced to in Mathis' warped little treatment needing mind? Braindead Day-Twat school board members aside, the board, at least MOST of them rejected rescinding Mathis letter of resignation. Last time I checked, pulling one's dick out at a meeting with colleagues, unless your colleagues are strippers, porn stars, or cadavers, is just plain wrong.

Mathis didn't see it that way. He found an ally in another black male school board, the Reverend David Murray. Murray's exact quote dismisses the whole dick jerking thing and then blames Mathis' sexual depravity on being a young man. He issues the final Coup de Grace by minimizing sexual assault as being "is what it is." He fully supports Mathis' desire to remain employed by Day-Twat taxpayers.

At least one DPS board member said Friday that he has no problem with Mathis remaining on the board.
Reverend David Murray said Mathis took responsibility for his bad behavior toward Gueyser.
"He's a young man; maybe he didn't know it was offensive to her," Murray said of the 55-year-old Mathis. "It's not something I would do. He's a young man. That's just the way it is."

Now, in comparison to an 80 year-old Nigga Church Pastor who dismisses jerking off in public with the audience of a TOP-LEVEL PROFESSIONAL at a MEETING, A 55 year-old sex offender would seem young I suppose. However, the bigger problem is the actual expectation by the troglodyte Murray, that this shit is okay. Even worse? The fact that the PRESIDENT of the Day-Twat School Board can BARELY read and was elected CITY-WIDE by the voting populace of a city with residents even MORE stupid than the Chitlin' Eatin' Marion Barry supporting knuckle-draggers of DC.

At least Day-Twat has one bright spot operating with at least some sense of morality and decency. Rochelle Riley wrote an Op-ed about this utter bullshit and called Nigga Church Pastor Murray out for his foolishness. That's great that she had mustered up enough indignation to sound an alarm about this idle-minded man with busy hands, but where are the BLACK MEN condemning this foolishness? Why does an older black man think that whipping your dick out and shaking at someone you work with WOULDN'T be offensive to ANYONE, but even more so to a woman? See, when overgrown manchildren are coddled and indulged by supposed "right-thinking" black folks this is the result. There's always an excuse for their depravity. The litany of black male protectionism starts with, "He didn't have a daddy" or " He had a rough upbringing" or "He's a young man entitled to make mistakes." To clarify, a mistake is putting chlorine bleach in a load of colorfast clothes. A mistake is putting 87 octane gas in your mother's car when she specifically asked for 93. A mistake is purchasing a white onion when you were told to get a yellow sweet onion because of the better flavor. Those are MISTAKES. Shaking your dick at someone during a meeting, acting like a petulant child during your press conference, and attempting to explain your behavior by reducing what is actually sexual assault to nothing more than some inappropriate actions are NOT mistakes.

Otis Mathis, had you shaken your dick at me, you'd ONLY be finding certain pieces of it this week.

We'll continue this in the next post. Chris Brown, Kwame Kilpatrick, and those infamous DC Carter boys will be next.