Wednesday, June 15, 2011

BLKSeaGoat's 2 cents for the day.

Hypocrisy IS a Christian moral virtue. Don't believe me? Check the Nigga Church for specific examples.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

DC: The Official Chitlin' Eatin Nigga Play Cousin City of Day-Twat

I got fired from my job and I am now suckling from the Unemployment Insurance utter... and it FEELS GREAT!

So, I'll just start where the foolishness begins regarding the title of this post. If you've been a regular reader of my blog, you should know that I have very little tolerance for stuff that I affectionately call "Nigga Shit". If you've been a regular reader of this blog, you know that I have highlighted stories that call Nigga Shit our for what it is - sometimes to the chagrin of some of my readers. You'll be happy to know that things have not changed and unfortunately have gotten progressively worse.

Fortunately for me (and you), the Niggarometer has been off the chain with all kinds of Nigga Shit that I have deemed worthy of comment.

I live in Washington, DC - home to "Mayor for Life" and Chitlin Eatin' Nigga Supreme Baselius, Marion Barry. In Novemeber of 2010, DC voters chose to oust then mayor Adrian Fenty from office and elected Chitlin' Eatin Nigga-lite, then Council President, Vincent Gray. People's rationale for choosing Gray over Fenty almost overwhelmingly centered around their dislike of Fenty's attitude, although those same residents when surveyed, believed that DC had become a better city under Fenty's tenure. The wards of the city that are densely populated by blacks voted overwhelmingly for Gray, the more diverse wards voted for Fenty. The city also held an election for City Council President and that election was won by Kwame Brown (disclaimer: There were NO GOOD candidates running in this election cycle).

So, now that I have updated you on the electoral results for DC (which I am sure you probably knew if you follow district politics) on to the fun stuff!

The Washington City Paper, Washington Post, and Washington Times have all published stories related to the perpetuation of the chronic dysfunction that is the "JayNaySayKwah" of DC politics. There have been charges of cronyism, nepotism, abuse of Executive authority, incompetence, corruption, and complete lapses in ethical behavior. To add insult to injury or whatever euphemism you find appropriate to explain away Nigga Shit, the DC City Council has decided to introduce a bill that supposed to tighten ethical oversight of the Executive Office of the Mayor and the City Council. Leading the charge for this piece of shit legislation is Kwame Brown, the DC Council Chair, who in true Chitlin' Eatin Nigga fashion ordered not one, but TWO $60,000.00 SUVs because his own care was repossessed. The city is still on the hook for the leases at $2000.00 each. Kwame is also now under investigation by the DC Board of Elections and Ethics (ain't that some shit?) because he failed to report that his brother had signing authority to dispense campaign payments. In fact, his brother was a highly paid staff member and funneled some of the campaign money to his own privately held consulting firm.

I digress though. Even as I write this, it bothers me that I've even had to go into this level of detail, which is perfunctory at best. I'll make my point though. DC is considered a FEDERAL TERRITORY. It is one of the 5-7 territories, but enjoys some special privileges because it is the seat of the all powerful Federal government. It also gets fucked in the ass without Vaseline because unlike all of the other U.S. territories, DC residents are assessed FEDERAL income taxes without the benefit of Representation at the Federal level. Nearly 50% of the city's 69.7 square miles is ineligible for being assessed property taxes and DC's budget MUST receive Congressional approval before it can be approved by the City Council. DC also has an independent Office of the Inspector General, a US Attorney's Office, a Federal Circuit Court, etc. It receives an extreme amount of Federal oversight, or at least it should.

WHY THEN IS IT NECESSARY TO CREATE ANOTHER PIECE OF LEGISLATION for oversight? This is political posturing of the WORST kind!

Now the bill creates a watch dog group or panel (you know how "useful" panels are) and the Mayor has the authority to appoint the majority the panel members which must receive approval from the DC Council. Has self regulation of political or legislative bodies EVER worked? Even worse, the person co-sponsoring the legislation hasn't an ethical bone in his short body, but he's leading the charge to restore integrity to DC politics. The DC Attorney General has already cited a number of flaws with the bill and would any sane person be surprised? Of course you wouldn't be.

It's going to be a long summer. At least Day-Twat has Mayor Bing.

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