Friday, March 28, 2008

THE DUNBAR VILLAGE ATROCITY: Special Cross Post from BlackWomenVote

Subject: The Dunbar Village Atrocity


In the past week, a rapidly-moving viral email campaign was launched, and thousands of concerned black citizens spread the word about a shocking crime against a Black woman and her 12 year old son, in which crimes against nature were committed. (read more details of the crime here)

This email, entitled “Stop Al Sharpton and the NAACP from endangering Black Women,” described a stunning betrayal in which the NAACP and Al Sharpton held a press conference and demanded bail consideration for three suspects in custody for the crime. (source1) (source2)

Concerned Black citizens all around the country were outraged by the actions of the NAACP and Al Sharpton, and many vowed to withdraw volunteering and financial support from these agencies “until they make the safety of Black women and children a priority.”

On March 24, 2008 an NAACP memo that attempted to defend this betrayal was sent to Beverly Neal, who is the Director of the NAACP’s Florida State Conference. The memo claims that the NAACP was brought into this fray by Rev. Al Sharpton. Moreover, the memo was written by Maude Ford Lee, who is President of the West Palm Beach Branch of the NAACP. (read the memo here)

On March 27,2008, activist Al Sharpton went on the air to clarify his position on the treatment of the Dunbar Village Suspects. He invited writer Tonyaa Weathersbee and blogger Arlene Fenton to his show, to discuss the matter. Rev. Sharpton claimed that he never said that the Dunbar Village suspects were being treated unfairly, and that he did not want bail for the suspects in question.

Ms Weathersbee and Ms Fenton said that their research indicated otherwise, as indicated by video footage, eyewitness accounts, and the reporting from the Florida Sun Sentinel and the Palm Beach Post.

At the end of the radio show, Al Sharpton strongly condemned any activity that would promote bail consideration for the suspects in question. Rev. Sharpton admitted that “if the suspects were white, he would have been there sooner.” He stated that this is a problem with many black civil rights organizations. He apologized and vowed to uphold his prior promise to advocate for the residents of Dunbar Village. He also challenged all activists, bloggers, and writers to be accountable to each other.

To date, the NAACP has not made an official statement denouncing the Dunbar Village Atrocity, nor have they officially expressed regret to the victim. The NAACP also has not officially retracted their statement requesting bail consideration for the alleged rapists/torturers. To our understanding, neither agency has contributed to the Victim’s Assistance Fund or created a reward program geared toward the apprehension of the remaining rapists/torturers.


WE ARE SATISFIED with Al Sharpton’s qualifying statements that he made on his radio show on 3/27/2008. We will watch to see if he fulfills his promise to advocate for the residents of Dunbar Village, and we are willing to assist any effort that promotes safer black neighborhoods in West Palm Beach, FL.

WE ARE NOT CONTENT with the reckless, irresponsible actions of the NAACP (West Palm Beach chapter). We continue to urge all black people, women especially, to refrain from volunteering or giving financially to this organization until they take our safety seriously.


We want law enforcement to make a concerted, sustained effort to apprehend the remaining suspects. We want to see a genuine reward system in place to encourage members of the community to come forward with the knowledge of the whereabouts of the remaining suspects.

We want the NAACP (West Palm Beach chapter) to reverse their position that the alleged rapists/torturers of this case should be considered for bail.

We want both the NAACP and the National Action Network to cease downgrading the gang rape/torture/atrocity of the Dunbar Village by comparing it to an unrelated gang rape, in which guns, maiming, and forced incest were not involved.

We want to see genuine victim advocacy in the form of financial support for the relocation, medical expenses, and mental therapy for the true victims in this case.

The Dunbar Village Victim Assistance Fund

Individuals who would like to donate money to the victims can go to any Wachovia Bank and donate to the St. Ann’s Victim’s Assistance Fund. Donations will go directly to the mother and her son.

St. Ann’s Catholic Church will also accept donations. Checks can be made payable to the "Dunbar Village Victim Assistance Fund - St. Ann’s".

Donations can be mailed to: St. Ann’s Catholic Church, 310 N. Olive Avenue, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

If you would like to post this Open Letter on your blog, you can copy the HTML here:

(Blogger HTML) A New Underground Railroad is Born
(General HTML) A New Underground Railroad is Born

For more information about this Dunbar Village Campaign, you can visit any of the following blogs:

Monday, March 24, 2008


Kym Worthy gave a press conference today to formally announce that she would charge Mayor Kilpatrick and Christine Beatty with perjury and obstruction of justice. I am watching the video now, but I'll elaborate more on this later.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Right-thinking black people everywhere are stunned by the recent betrayal of Al Sharpton and the NAACP in a situation that is just too outrageous to ignore.

This is a painful story to tell, but it’s important for the moral, law-abiding majority of black Americans to understand exactly why Al Sharpton and the NAACP must be immediately stopped.

On June 18, 2007, a black woman was gang raped by 10 youths and forced at gunpoint to have sex with her own 12 year old son in a housing complex called Dunbar Village in West Palm Beach, Florida. The young men not only viciously punched, kicked and sliced this sister and her son with glass objects, but they also blinded her boy by pouring nail polish remover into his eyes.

The young men forced this sister and son to lay naked in a bathtub together, and attempted to set them on fire (they could not find matches). The youths boldly took cell phone pictures so that they could enjoy their violent, immoral and sadistic acts at a later time. The violence continued for more than three hours, and although this sister’s neighbors heard her screams, no one called the police or came to her aid.

This sister and her son had to walk a mile to the hospital, because the assailants stole her car, and threatened to kill her and her family if she told the authorities.

Only four of the young men have been apprehended, while the remaining six are on the loose, doing Lord knows what in our communities. There is no manhunt for the remaining suspects.

As devastating as this story is, what the NAACP and Al Sharpton have done about it will simply take your breath away:

Not only did the NAACP ignore hundreds of requests to assist this woman because it was 'outside the scope of their mission', but they joined forces with Al Sharpton, and sent their lawyers to speak out IN SUPPORT OF THE RAPISTS.

You heard me right.

Even though there is conclusive DNA evidence and signed confessions, the NAACP and Al Sharpton are saying that it is 'unfair' to not offer bail to these four alleged rapists. They even had a press release about it.


Al Sharpton and the NAACP are banking on the belief that you and I will be just like this black woman’s neighbors. Join me by saying NOT THIS TIME. We will not turn a deaf ear to when we hear calls for help from one of our sisters and brothers who are being victimized.

Stop the NAACP and Al Sharpton’s National Action Network from committing this disgrace in our community. Just this once, let’s stand up and be counted by saying that we demand safe neighborhoods for our women and children.

Here is what you can do:

1. Spread the word. Forward this email if your conscience and concern have been raised. Send it to every concerned black citizen that you know.

2. Demand an explanation from your local NAACP chapter about this case. Cancel your membership to these organizations, and write a letter explaining that you will return when they prioritize the public safety needs of black women and children.

3. If you do not belong to these organizations, call and write them to tell them of your outrage and displeasure:

NAACP National Headquarters
4805 Mt. Hope Drive
Baltimore MD 21215
Toll Free: (877) NAACP-98
Local: (410) 580-5777

National Action Network
Rev. Al Sharpton
106 W. 145th Street
Harlem, New York 10039

4. If you know an African American reporter or a black radio talk show host, forward this story to them and ask them to follow up on it.

Each Friday at 9:00am, visit any of the websites below, which will give you an update on the status of this situation. DO NOT LET THIS GO. Let us start working for safer neighborhoods in black communities.

Read the history of the Dunbar Village problem here:


Monday, March 17, 2008

NEW!!! Dunbar Village VIDEO - C R I C K E T S

Gina the warrior princess over at What About Our Daughters? posted this video on youtube regarding Fat Bastard's (Al Sharpton) latest exercise in media whoring. I like the video because it's concise, but very powerful.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Feel Good Friday!!! Let's Dance!!!

This is one of my favorite disco/club jams from back in the day. Yes, I know this song was out before I was born, but I used to hang out with a lot of DJs and dancers. This takes me back!! ENJOY!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Keith Olbermann chides Hillary Clinton for Being a Hypocrite (also reminds us that Ferraro was a racist 20 years ago)

Special Cross Post From Living Out Loud with Darian

The Tragic Homosexual

This post is the brain child of an affiliate who wished to remain anonymous. It's a thought provoking piece that I think everyone can relate to on some level. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

The Tragic Homosexual

I have been teetering on the idea of talking about the dynamics of gay, and straight relationships. I for one am a successful, attractive, outgoing black male in a booming metropolis [Atlanta] and I am single. I casually date, and often times reduce myself by logging onto sexually laced websites like Adam4Adam, Men4Now, and Black Gay Chat, but I find it incredibly difficult to analyze the totality of a 3-D individual from a one dimensional profile. So I decided get a dog this year. Hey, I figured it would be better to come home to an object that has the ability of loving another unconditionally then to come home an empty apartment. And while on the surface my story might seem depressing, or empty. Once you begin to analyze the many intricacies of my life I think you would find that my life isn't all that different from many people in today's society. Well, except for my being content with my choices.

Gay or Straight we are in a time of isolation. It seems that we are so geared towards creating plentiful lives for ourselves, by way of our high demanding jobs, whether they be one or more that often times prevent us take the time to invest in each other. Gay or Straight most of us come from shaky families where the "Family Matters" mantra was out the minute the show was cancelled. Thus making the average person a little hesitant to open up as quickly as others would like. Gay or Straight we've grown up with the ideals and principles of never settling for what we just don't want. Gay or Straight everyone is struggling with relationships.

I'm sure my incoherent rants may have you puzzled but I assure you there is a method to my madness, and a point to this commentary.

I have a friend of a friend who recently separated from his wife about a year ago. After many years of trying to live the fa├žade of holy matrimony - my friend of a friend decided to come out to his wife and attempt to live his life – and "with no apologies". After separating from his wife and dabbling into the gay dating scene he managed to get involved with a porn star and build a life together. They dated, moved in, and attempted the "American Dream" all within a few short months. And like all rushed relationships, it abruptly ended with all the drama, and high-octane antic that even the most salacious episode of Jerry Springer couldn't make up. Suddenly my friend of a friend finds himself involved in a domestics dispute. After going through the motions of all the drama my friend of a friend bitterly decides to move on. Well after another year of casual dating my friend of a friend decides that he would rather go back to his wife and just be married then to deal with this [and I'm quoting] "empty lifestyle". And that's where I have my issue.

Since when did the gay lifestyle become some empty? Why is that we as men, or hell, as people don't assume responsibility for our own actions? Why is that when a relationship doesn't work out, which if we're being honest is probably based on some poor decision that you made, we blame the lifestyle?

I mean lets have a real talk moment. Most of us value a 32-inch waist over principles, value and virtue. Most of us are looking for that 10" pole in between their legs rather then a great personality. Yet when we go after those superficial notions, and we end up with an STD or a broken heart we blame the lifestyle, and never ourselves. And additionally, why are so many gay men under the idea that the straights have it any better? I mean many of us love Sex In The City for the shoes, and Samantha's unwavering sexcapades. But at the heart of that miraculous HBO drama is the message that dating is hard no matter who you choose to sleep with.

In conclusion I am just so over the tragic homosexual who allows their bad choices of men, and relationships erode the idea that love is possible. You can embrace single hood for all its glory, or you can simply put more value into your decision to find a mate and truly live happily ever after. But please, just stop blaming the universe for your bad choices.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Does MSM FINALLY Get It? Al Shaprton is a SELF-ABSORBED Opportunist!!

Today's story in the Palm Beach Post was nothing short of spectacular. Perhaps spectacular is an overstatement, but I just get all giddy when the Civil Rights Era rejects make themselves look like the "chitlin' eatin' negroes" (CEN) they are.

It comes as no surprise to me that during Sharpton's media circus, he stormed away from the spotlight when NAACP reps attempted to shine as well. It was just too funny, but also very telling. How is this man committed to the cause of preserving civil rights and crusading for social justice? He isn't; he is committed to himself and his own enterprises. Sure, he may be your garden variety hate-mongering, race-baiting, press-and-curl pompadoured, ghetto, pulpit pimp, but he's so MUCH more! He's a crass opportunist!

Thank you Al for showing us your morbidly obese backside. I am so glad that you had a tantrum on camera and made an ass of yourself even MORE than you usually do. My only regret is that more CEN's weren't there to partake in such a spectacle. Perhaps next time you'll get into a fist fight or a WWE brawl, but I can only hope.

You demonstrated your gross ineptitude at advancing your self-serving agenda. You also made it clear that a woman being raped and tortured by ten little fuck-ups is an afterthought and that the true victims were the sociopaths who violently attacked her and viciously raped and tortured her. You attempted to draw a parallel between the little black fuck-ups and the little white fuck-ups, and framed your argument in such a way that provided an excuse for the rape. You justified what they had done based on their upbringing and external social and societal factors.

Most of all, you have provided me with a seething anger that has motivated me to work feverishly until your organization is destroyed.

For that, I thank you!

Sidebar: Big Ups to Symphony for your quote at the end of the story!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

AL SHARPTON and the NAACP WANT FREEDOM FOR RAPISTS (That way, they can rape again and kill you too!!)

So it seems that my anger fest has been capped with a cherry on top! The NAACP and Al Sharpton of the National Action Network stood with the families of the Dunbar Village RAPE SUSPECTS to host a press conference in protesting the treatment of the Rape Suspects. Sharpton compared the Dunbar Village teens to a set of white teens who raped some teenage girls in Boca Raton.

Sharpton and the NAACP support criminals. This of course is nothing new, but please remember these are the same organizations that were silent about the VICTIM of the Dunbar Village Rape. Where is the equity? Who's truly guilty of preferential treatment? Symphony of Essential Presence does a wonderful job discussing this bastard's latest bullshit rant.


I am a reasonable and sensible man. I consider myself pretty patient and sometimes very forgiving. However, when I reach my limit things don't stay so pretty. You see I use to have a pretty short fuse that used to get me into TONS of trouble. I learned to control that fuse for the most part because explosive anger takes away from one's credibility and demonstrates to outsiders that I can't control myself.

Today is one of those days where my anger will be evident in this blog post. I hope Al Shaprton has a heart attack and a stroke all at the same time. He is a useless, piece-of-shit, civil rights era reject, and isn't worth the flesh his sorry ass is printed on! Today, yes TODAY that fat bastard will be in West Palm Beach, Florida to advocate for the RAPISTS involved in the Dunbar Village Rape Case. To be fair, he'll also be in West Palm Beach filing a lawsuit to prevent the State of Florida from holding their Democratic Primary.

What disgusts me most about Al Sharpton and his "chitlin eating ilk" is their hypocrisy. After my counter protest of Sharpton and his Hate Crimes March in Washington, DC, I had been contacted by a resident of Dunbar Village, Ms. Citoya Greenwood. Ms. Greenwood thanked me for bringing more attention to DV and also wanted some assistance in planning a community town hall meeting to address the needs of the residents of Dunbar Village.

For those who are still unaware, DV is a hell hole on earth. It is the place where 12 black male teenagers forcibly entered the apartment of a 35 year old Single mother and her 12 year old son. It is the place where these junior sociopaths raped, tortured, and sodomized this woman for three hours. It is the place where her son was beaten, tortured, and mutilated and forced to have sex with his mother at gun point by these 12 little bastards. For months, not a single black "leader" or social justice group did anything to assist the victim and her son. It was not until bloggers like Symphony at Essential Presence, Gina at Whataboutourdaughters?, and Professor Tracey at Aunt Jemimas Revenge started blogging about this tragedy that MSM began talking about it. The rape occured on June 18, 2007. Where were you when it happened? Did you hear about it?

Fast forward to November 2007. I learn that the Pompadoured, Do-Nothing, Hypocrite himself, Al Sharpton would be in DC chiding the government for it less than stellar record on prosecuting hate crimes. This would set the stage for a confrontation that would ask him and his supporters, "Why the hell are you STILL silent?" There would be 5 of us and countless stories in several national newspapers. You would have thought that the publicity surrounding the ineptness of our black leaders would have shamed them into doing something to actually HELP the residents of Dunbar, but no. They greeted our protests with the usual response, "I didn't know" or " Well no one asked me" as if these opportunists EVER need an invitation to be media whores. Did the Jena 6 or Genarlow have to ASK anyone to get involved? Still, Al in fact was a liar. He had been invited to Dunbar on several occasions and for every invite he spurned or simply ignored the request.

It was not until Ms. Greenwood had contacted him directly, while he was in West Palm Beach for a completely separate event, that he and his NAN reps decided to tour the housing project. He had promised to be a part of the community Town Hall meeting (its dates were changed multiple times to accommodate HIS schedule) and he had even promised to spend the night in Dunbar Village just to get a feel for what the residents had been dealing with for years. He failed to show for the meeting and canceled 1 hour BEFORE he was supposed to show up citing inclement weather and travel conditions. No flights from NY to FL had been canceled. He simply failed to show. Ms Greenwood spent two months organizing and planning this meeting. She contacted elected officials, community groups, legal aid groups, and HUD officials. She single handedly brought them all together and Rev. Al PROMISED to be there. After all, the meeting was to convene on a Tuesday evening because that was the only time HE would be free.

He failed to show and Ms. Greenwood was forced to make this announcement to her community. She is now being harassed by other residents, Laurel Robinson, HUD Director for West Palm Beach, and has become a target because she chose to be a voice for the marginalized.

Reverend Al COULD NOT show up for Citoya, the rape victim, or the residents of Dunbar Village, but he can show up to ADVOCATE for RAPISTS! What kind of FUCKERY is that?!?!?!

The message is clear people. Negroes like Al want us to believe that Black people LOVE criminals. If we didn't, why are NATIONAL organizations so quick to run to the defense of violent black offenders and rapists? Why are black female victims ignored in MSM, while black male perps get TONS of media coverage followed by a rationalization spin doctoring that excuses their crimes?

I posted a piece that Professor Tracey wrote last Saturday about the Soul on Ice Effect and how it relates to the dehumanization of black women and children. READ IT!

I am drawing another line in the sand TODAY.

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Soul on Ice Effect - Why the Lives of Black Women and Children don't Matter by Professor Tracey

Former Black Panther Eldridge Cleaver published the world famous manifesto Soul On Ice in 1968, many consider this work a classic political text. I do not. While I acknowledge the power in Cleaver's words, the text is also infamous for Cleaver's admission of being a rapist. Cleaver attempts to justify his rapes of white women as a strike back at the white man and a way to recover his black manhood, as he states about his rapes ["an insurrectionary act. It delighted me that I was defying and trampling upon the white man's law ... defiling his women."]

As frightening and problematic as that explanation is, Cleaver admits to "practicing on black girls in the ghetto" first. Cleaver never served a day in prison for his assaults on black women, in fact he would become a celebrated black leader during the Black Power movement, a voice of the people, black people. I have always been troubled by this glaring double standard image of Cleaver and the Black Power movement. Forty years later, black women as rape victims, murder victims are considered even less valuable than they were in 1968. We are expendable. And it is not just because white people have devalued the lives of black women, we have, the black community. We make excuses for black men who hurt and kill, for black men who hurt and kill their own people.

On my blog, I have covered the gang-rape at Dunbar Village in West Palm Beach, the slaying of an entire deputy sheriff's family by her own son in Atlanta, the murder of Nailah Franklin in Chicago, the senseless murders of black women and children on Hovey Street in Indianapolis and on Lester Street in Memphis. All these cases have received more detailed attention on black-owned blogs than on the mainstream media. Our so-called black leadership, the Al Sharptons, the Jesse Jacksons, the Tavis Smileys, the Cornell Wests, including black presidential candidate Barack Obama have been woefully silent and hopelessly inadequate at making any of these cases have any sense of importance in terms of getting a resolution or some sense of justice. The overall black community has been outraged and saddened at these cases, but not enough to last more than a few days, no lasting impression. Once the bodies get buried, our collective interest wanes. We just seem to wait for the next case.

All these cases represent one black woman gang-raped, her black son beaten and terrorized, six black women and six black children murdered. I do not discount the value of the 2 black men that were murdered as well, but a running total of 12 to 2 in less than a year is shocking. When one considers that the suspects in all these cases are black men, one must feel a deep sense of unsettling despair about these cases. Where is the collective black outrage? Black folks mobilized and marched with passion for the quite frankly, extremely unworthy Jena 6 group, but have been virtually dead silent about the black women and children that have been battered, raped, and murdered, then discarded like paper cups when the picnic is finished.

Recently, the two high profile murders of a Auburn University student, Lauren Burk and a UNC Chapel Hill student, Eve Carson received the lion's share of media attention as is the habit when young and privileged white women are murdered, I was reminded again of the scant attention that black women regardless of age, social or economic background that are missing or murdered ever receive. When confronted with the fact that the alleged murderers of these women are black men, I was reminded of Eldridge Cleaver. I wondered if these same black men that murdered white women so callously and senselessly, what were they doing in the black communities where they came from? How many of their own people had they victimized before they moved on to harming people that would attract the attention to mobilize the police to stop them? How much "practice" had they had in our community before they moved on to white communities?

White people will make no excuses in these cases. They will accept nothing less than the highest level of prosecution under the law. Not just because the murderer was black, they demand the same when the murderer is white, they will demand justice because one of their own has been senselessly murdered, for no good reason at all. Where are the Megan's Law and the Polly Klass' laws for black children? Jerry Lee Lewis career was destroyed when he married his 13 year old cousin, but black folks celebrate R. Kelly for his sexual relationships with underage girls. Why does this man still have a career? Do you actually think white people would have waited this long for such a clear case of pornography, underage sex and statutory rape to be prosecuted if R. Kelly was white or his victim was?

Black people should be outraged that black murderers are allowed to "practice" in our neighborhoods first, before they move on. Black people should be outraged that convicted murderer Jessie Dotson was released from prison, only to commit multiple murders of his own family members just two months after his release.

Yet, we won't be, we will make excuses. We will talk about what these black men didn't have and how they didn't get what they needed. We will blame white people, we will blame the prison system, the educational system, we will blame television, music, and movies, we will even blame the victims themselves, but we will most certainly refuse to hold the murderers 100% accountable. We will refuse to call for justice and demand that these predators be locked up and the key to their freedom forever destroyed. And that makes absolutely no sense at all.

It doesn't matter if black men feel trapped by their personal circumstances and the only people available to hurt and destroy are black women and children, you don't have the right to murder people. It doesn't matter how dire your life, no matter how much you are struggling, you have no right to murder people. It doesn't matter if you suffered racism or any kind of discrimination, you have no right to murder people. No matter how hungry you get, no matter how desperate you get, you have no right to take someone's life. That is what is supposed to separate us, human beings from wild animals.

We really need to stop wondering why black women and children that go missing or turn up murdered get scant attention in the white-owned mainstream media, we, us, black people have made it a standard practice in our own communities. The black community repeatedly fails to openly and honestly discuss and confront domestic violence, rape, incest, or sexual abuse in our own communities, but we expect white people to care about black victims of these types of crimes when we do not.

The black community continuously asks and expects black women to hold black families together in the most trying and difficult circumstances without the assistance of the majority of black men and then have the nerve to ask black women to be the most forgiving and understanding victims in the universe when the perpetrators are black men. We are always expected to blindly support black men no matter what they do to us, no matter how they fail us, and never ask any questions, but do black women receive the same kind of unconditional support and protection? I think not, the Soul On Ice Effect has become standard practice in the black community.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


I see the week-in-review format has been working rather well on other blogs because it allows authors to string together completely unrelated stories in one post. Having been at a loss for words lately (totally ironic since I've been commenting on so many other blogs), I present to my readers, BLKSeaGoat's Weekly Round-Up!!! I'll try to post the good, bad, ugly, and WTF?, but not in necessarily in that order. I haven't come up with a clever name for my weekly recap and I am open to suggestions.

The Good Blogs

I have really been inspired by a number of bloggers who keep me wearing my thinking cap because of how awesome their writing skills are. If you good folks in the blogosphere haven't been to their sites already, you MUST visit Aunt Jemima's Revenge by Professor Tracey, Black Women Vote by SheCodes, and for inspiration and spiritual enlightenment, Character Corner, by AttorneyMom. I have been learning so much about so many things and I can credit reading these blogs for that. My writing skills are above average at best, but for some great thinking coupled with an exceptional use of language and mastery of grammar and mechanics, check them out PRONTO! Of course I am and will always be a fan of Whataboutourdaughters? and I thank Gina along with her readership for always being on alert and posting "news that I can use". I've also started reading some other authors, Torrance Stephens, Jasmyne Cannick, and Average Bro and I'll be getting around to all of you I see on a regular basis in the comments sections of the various blogs I enjoy.

New GIG!!

This week has been an interesting one for me. As I shared with SheCodes earlier this month, I will be transitioning into a new position with a new agency as I have been ready to move on for some time. What was so great about this new job is that my hiring manager CALLED me and basically made me an offer before the position was even available. I felt flattered and a little cocky (I have to be honest) because I was the FIRST person who came to her mind as this opening came in her department. She strongly encouraged me to submit my resume and vitae, provided me with some plausible arguments as to why I was her first choice, and recommended me with high expectations to her Executive Director. It was all so surreal that I still can't believe that things unfolded they that they did. I am glad though; I GOTS DA SKILLZ 2 PAY DA BILLZ... Okay, I know that wasn't even funny, but I am so excited!

My only regret is that I will miss the direct service aspect of my current position. However with my new job I'll be able to affect change on an even broader level; to me, my societal impact will be much more tangible than it was before.

Election updates

I am a Barack Obama supporter NOT a stan. I have rational reasons for supporting my candidate of choice as well as reasons for NOT supporting his opponent. While Sen. Clinton bested my candidate in Ohio, Texas, and R.I., he still leads in the delegate count. I have signed up to go volunteer in PA, the last great prize for the Democratic nominee unless FL and MI re-vote. I am still confident that Senator Obama can clinch this nomination and become president, but he really needs to start getting into Hillary's treasure trough of opposition research. Roland Martin stated it as plainly as possible: "make Hillary DEFINE her 35 years of experience." Future Mr. President, you have to do this if you expect HOPE for CHANGE to carry you to the Oval Office.

Hot Messes

As usual, Whataboutourdaughters? scoops a story that I would have otherwise ignored unless it was posted on their website. It seems that American Pop Culture's obsession with celebrity is so powerful that grown women will bear their naked asses on camera for the world to see, ONLY to get a date with an ugly ass mud duck inferior rapper. The contest, sponsored by Plies was called the "Bust it Baby" contest, after one of his songs about a woman he admires for her sexual prowess and penchant for casual sex. The video is NSFW and is incredibly disgusting. If watching women debase themselves in every way causes you to vomit uncontrollably, you may not want to view this video. I was so repulsed by it I created a PowerPoint response and posted it on YouTube.

Blackface Minstrel or Flattering Admirer?

Jasmyne Cannick has a bone to pick with infamous drag performer, Shirley Q. Liquor. For those of you who are unaware, SQL is a character of Charles Knipp, an obese, gay white man who performs his character in blackface. Shirley Q. Liquor is a malt-liquor chugging, promiscuous, multiple-baby-daddy-having, under-educated, poor, welfare check receiving, black woman with 19 children. Her spawn are named after food products, liquor beverages, and venereal diseases. SQL hails from the South and is the self-proclaimed "Queen of Dixie". Jasmyne has launched a campaign against SQL and Knipp in an effort to get Knipp's appearances canceled at various gay pride events and conventions. You can read more about the protest and campaign here.

Now, I have no problem with Jasmyne's position about SQL, but she actually JUSTIFIES why it's okay for black male drag performers to mar the image of black women, but scowls at the same performances being done by a white man. One cannot have it both ways. You can be upset at the media portrayal of black women regardless of the race of the person engaged in the stereotypical depictions. I signed to petition as a show of support, but I remain a bit ambivalent about Jasmyne's motivation for going ape shit on SQL. I wonder what the National Black Justice Coalition has to say about SQL? I wonder why White Gay America (there are many gay Americas) is so missive about SQL's brand of humor, but gets outraged when straight comedians use terms that are offensive to homosexuals?

R.I.P - 17 year old Simmie Williams was ambushed and gunned down for what many believe was his transgender identity. Feministe published a really great post on this tragic event .

Posting on the Regular (I promise)

I am going to start taking my blog more seriously. I know, I know, I've said that before, but I'll be freeing up my work schedule soon for some much needed blog time. I have TONS of things to write about and I'll be getting of my lazy behind to actually do more.