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I see the week-in-review format has been working rather well on other blogs because it allows authors to string together completely unrelated stories in one post. Having been at a loss for words lately (totally ironic since I've been commenting on so many other blogs), I present to my readers, BLKSeaGoat's Weekly Round-Up!!! I'll try to post the good, bad, ugly, and WTF?, but not in necessarily in that order. I haven't come up with a clever name for my weekly recap and I am open to suggestions.

The Good Blogs

I have really been inspired by a number of bloggers who keep me wearing my thinking cap because of how awesome their writing skills are. If you good folks in the blogosphere haven't been to their sites already, you MUST visit Aunt Jemima's Revenge by Professor Tracey, Black Women Vote by SheCodes, and for inspiration and spiritual enlightenment, Character Corner, by AttorneyMom. I have been learning so much about so many things and I can credit reading these blogs for that. My writing skills are above average at best, but for some great thinking coupled with an exceptional use of language and mastery of grammar and mechanics, check them out PRONTO! Of course I am and will always be a fan of Whataboutourdaughters? and I thank Gina along with her readership for always being on alert and posting "news that I can use". I've also started reading some other authors, Torrance Stephens, Jasmyne Cannick, and Average Bro and I'll be getting around to all of you I see on a regular basis in the comments sections of the various blogs I enjoy.

New GIG!!

This week has been an interesting one for me. As I shared with SheCodes earlier this month, I will be transitioning into a new position with a new agency as I have been ready to move on for some time. What was so great about this new job is that my hiring manager CALLED me and basically made me an offer before the position was even available. I felt flattered and a little cocky (I have to be honest) because I was the FIRST person who came to her mind as this opening came in her department. She strongly encouraged me to submit my resume and vitae, provided me with some plausible arguments as to why I was her first choice, and recommended me with high expectations to her Executive Director. It was all so surreal that I still can't believe that things unfolded they that they did. I am glad though; I GOTS DA SKILLZ 2 PAY DA BILLZ... Okay, I know that wasn't even funny, but I am so excited!

My only regret is that I will miss the direct service aspect of my current position. However with my new job I'll be able to affect change on an even broader level; to me, my societal impact will be much more tangible than it was before.

Election updates

I am a Barack Obama supporter NOT a stan. I have rational reasons for supporting my candidate of choice as well as reasons for NOT supporting his opponent. While Sen. Clinton bested my candidate in Ohio, Texas, and R.I., he still leads in the delegate count. I have signed up to go volunteer in PA, the last great prize for the Democratic nominee unless FL and MI re-vote. I am still confident that Senator Obama can clinch this nomination and become president, but he really needs to start getting into Hillary's treasure trough of opposition research. Roland Martin stated it as plainly as possible: "make Hillary DEFINE her 35 years of experience." Future Mr. President, you have to do this if you expect HOPE for CHANGE to carry you to the Oval Office.

Hot Messes

As usual, Whataboutourdaughters? scoops a story that I would have otherwise ignored unless it was posted on their website. It seems that American Pop Culture's obsession with celebrity is so powerful that grown women will bear their naked asses on camera for the world to see, ONLY to get a date with an ugly ass mud duck inferior rapper. The contest, sponsored by Plies was called the "Bust it Baby" contest, after one of his songs about a woman he admires for her sexual prowess and penchant for casual sex. The video is NSFW and is incredibly disgusting. If watching women debase themselves in every way causes you to vomit uncontrollably, you may not want to view this video. I was so repulsed by it I created a PowerPoint response and posted it on YouTube.

Blackface Minstrel or Flattering Admirer?

Jasmyne Cannick has a bone to pick with infamous drag performer, Shirley Q. Liquor. For those of you who are unaware, SQL is a character of Charles Knipp, an obese, gay white man who performs his character in blackface. Shirley Q. Liquor is a malt-liquor chugging, promiscuous, multiple-baby-daddy-having, under-educated, poor, welfare check receiving, black woman with 19 children. Her spawn are named after food products, liquor beverages, and venereal diseases. SQL hails from the South and is the self-proclaimed "Queen of Dixie". Jasmyne has launched a campaign against SQL and Knipp in an effort to get Knipp's appearances canceled at various gay pride events and conventions. You can read more about the protest and campaign here.

Now, I have no problem with Jasmyne's position about SQL, but she actually JUSTIFIES why it's okay for black male drag performers to mar the image of black women, but scowls at the same performances being done by a white man. One cannot have it both ways. You can be upset at the media portrayal of black women regardless of the race of the person engaged in the stereotypical depictions. I signed to petition as a show of support, but I remain a bit ambivalent about Jasmyne's motivation for going ape shit on SQL. I wonder what the National Black Justice Coalition has to say about SQL? I wonder why White Gay America (there are many gay Americas) is so missive about SQL's brand of humor, but gets outraged when straight comedians use terms that are offensive to homosexuals?

R.I.P - 17 year old Simmie Williams was ambushed and gunned down for what many believe was his transgender identity. Feministe published a really great post on this tragic event .

Posting on the Regular (I promise)

I am going to start taking my blog more seriously. I know, I know, I've said that before, but I'll be freeing up my work schedule soon for some much needed blog time. I have TONS of things to write about and I'll be getting of my lazy behind to actually do more.

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