Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'll be back... S O O N

It's been so damn long and I keep promising to blog more and regularly, but I'm finding that time won't allow me to dedicate myself to blogging like it used to. I also turned 35 last month, re-evaluated my life's direction and purpose, attemtped to stop drinking (alot), and I've had some good introspection that I'll share in some posts later.

In any case, my first post after a long hiatus will be POT LUCK about black love and relationships, more foolishness about Chitlin' Eatin Niggas, The Nigga Church, the uselessness of Black History Month, and further proof that black folks continue to lose their God Damned minds.

Of course, me being the witty negro that I am, I'll be infusing my post with my standard acerbic capricorn wit.

So, to my followers and fellow blog rollers, I'm BACK!!!