Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Why Being a Black Comes First: White Woman Clutches Purse at Sight of 6 Black Gay Men

During Memorial Day Weekend in Washington, DC tens of thousands of Black Gay Men and Women come to the city to celebrate Black Gay Pride and have been doing so for the last 18 years. When I feel I can do it the justice it deserves, I'll write a post documenting the history of Black Gay Prides and how many of the celebrations evolved because we were excluded from clubs and bars in the white gay community.

Anyway, I left a bar called the Fireplace in DuPont Circle after hanging out with a few friends. We were all laughing and joking and having a goodtime when one of us got hungry and decided we would grab something to eat before hitting the next club. As luck would have it one of the BEST places in DC to get a gyro, falafel sandwich, or other middle eastern cuisine is approximately 2 blocks east of the FirePlace, so we began to make a liesurely stroll down the street, still laughing and joking.

We arrive at the restaurant and wait for the rest of the group out front. As we are deciding what to do next I notice that there's a white coulple sitting at one table and a white woman sitting at a table adjacent to the line where we order food. 2 white men walk in ahead of us then 2 more. They are just as obnoxious and loud as drunk white people can be, but we ignore them because we know they've been partying. No big problem there... It's a holiday! Have fun!

When we entered the restaurant to order our food (there was a total of 6 of us), Single White Female nearly has a damn aneurysm, snatches her open purse off of a table that was actually BEHIND her, shuts it quickly and clutches it for dear life! She then looks at us, buries her head into her food, and then slips out her cell phone to begin making a phone call to someone. I'm sure she was calling another SWF to talk to them about how she'd just had a close call with some negroes and how she just didn't feel safe. She looks up again and by that time I had walked over to her to ask her why she gathered up her things with the quickness after several black men walked into a restaurant.

She was speechless.

I then asked her, "Did you actually think someone was going to harm you or steal something from you? Are you aware that you have NOTHING in your fake Gucci bag that I, or any of these other men can't buy? No one wants you more than you want yourself and I REALLY need for you to understand that." She responded after turning BEET red and explained that her reaction had nothing to do with us walking in but everything to do with how absent minded she was. She was a liar. I quickly got her together because I told her how I notcied how she wasn't too concerned about her personal items when the loud, drunk, white men walked in, but she was all too concerned when we walked in. She attempted to apologize and started CRYING!!! By this time SWF must have been asking her if she was okay because she kept saying that she was alright.

Too funny!

If a gay black man can't walk around DuPont Circle without having a white woman clutch her fake purse, where can he walk?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

When Liberal White Folks Go Crazy!! Michele Obama: Target practice for the Left AND Right

Nothing irritates me more than to listen to liberal white people lament about their lot in life and how they can sympathize with me, a gay black man, for being so disenfranchised. Very rarely will I exert any energy to engage them in conversation because the end result for me will be further contempt for them.

In an effort not to ANNIHILATE their idealistic little world of "off-whiteness" I'll let much of the ignorant shit that comes out of their mouths (and evidence of what's in their heads) slide. However, when I reach my limit I have to draw a line in the sand just to educate them on the fact that we are NOT the same because I get no direct benefit from the White Power Structure that keeps them in power. If white people are feeling oppressed, I can assure you it is only a symbolic oppression at best. Cognitively, white folks can feel as oppressed and marginalized as they want to as their ideal, but the reality is that they benefit from being white no matter their station, class, or socio-econimic level. The dissonance between the ideal an the real allows for them to be as dysfunctional as they want with no real repercussions for their actions. The system works and has worked for the past several centuries.

Look at the picture above. Isn't it provocative? Doesn't it push the envelope? Really drives a point home to you, doesn't it? The underlying concepts may be a bit more difficult to see, but for me they were quite apparent. The photo was created by ONECITIZEN over at the blog The DailyKos to illustrate the GOP's horrible treatment of Michelle Obama. While I can understand what point OneCitizen was trying to make, I HAVE to call into question the methods used to make that point.

Let's look at the picture more closely.

Why is Michelle Obama dressed in a skimpy red gown looking like a Lady of the evening?

Analysis: The hypersexualization of the black woman is a vestige from the Trans-Atlantic (Western) Slave Trade by which racism became the by-product. She is not a human being or even a woman for that matter. She is simply an object to be admired, reviled, raped, killed, and then immortalized as a wanton sexual goddess. Remember Saarjie Baartmann, the Hottentot Venus? Saarjie was never considered a person and even after her death from years of rape, abuse, and neglect at the hands of the white men who enslaved her and paraded her around as a circus freak, she saw no peace in death either. Post-mortem (or knowing how vile white doctors were to black bodies back them) she had her genitals, skull, and other body parts removed, preserved in formaldehyde and paraffin, and then placed on display in France. She died in the 1800s, but had not been given a proper burial until her body parts were returned to her Khosian descendants in South Africa during the early 21st Century.

Why is racism purportedly limited to the South? Are white northerners incapable of being racist?

Analysis: It's not that white northerners can't be as racist as southern people; Southerners and some Northerners just have tendency to be more transparent about it. The last time I checked the election, Hillary Clinton, her husband "Slick Willie", and Gerry "He's so lucky, cuz he's a colored" Ferraro, were doing this kind of psycho-political lynching and they consider themselves the collective poster child of white liberalism. So what point could ONECITIZEN have been trying to make? White racism knows no limits or regions; its pervasive and as American as Apple Pie!

*SIGH* I think that the time has come to be a little less tolerant of things that I allow to slide because things like this happen. Something in ONECITIZEN'S white mind compelled him to make this picture because he thought it was right. Too often, white liberals become too comfortable and it is up to us to check them for their foolishness.

What say you?

Monday, May 12, 2008

When Chitlin' Eatin' Negroes Turn on Each Other: Day-Twat Council Files to Remove Kay-Kay Da Pimp

As if! I mean, how can anyone with a minutia of common sense not have arrived at this conclusion BEFORE re-electing Chitlin Eatin' Negro Extraordinaire??!?!? WTF! It seems that the City Council members have had enough and they have finally had the balls to introduce proceedings calling for the Kwame's removal from office.

Citing conduct, among other reasons for such drastic actions, the Council appears ready to debate the measure to bring it to a vote soon. I am sure that Monica Conyers will have here vaseline ready and Barbara Rose Collins will sharpen the edges of her Tiara just in case she has to "shank" a negro. Can't you just see her bending the tiara into a boomerang and throwing it at someone? Chitlin' Eatin Negroes stick together; they are RIDE or DIE!!!

Well, I guess it is some consolation to know that if the council is successful, he'll be thrown out on his ass quicker than he can text Christine Beatty for some coochie.

I love seeing dysfunction in action!!!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

My Appreciation for my Mother

So the second Sunday in May is typically referred to as Mother's Day. I normally don't go all out for it because we weren't raised that way. I mean, we did the customary stuff - dinner, cards, flowers, the "mother's ring" with all of the birthstones representing each of the children (there are seven of us). Somehow, it all seemed so meaningless because my mother is my mother everyday and has been for the last 32 years of my life and will continue to be. We are ridiculously close, very similar in temperament, and we are both witty and sarcastic. My mother's sense of humor is absolutely wonderful!

My mother also raised me with an extraordinary sense of self-confidence and independence. Even when things were lean and we didn't have much, my mother had hope and passed that hope on to all of us, but seemed to give me a little extra. I know it had nothing to do with me being a male child, but more to do with the fact that my mother sees so much of herself in me.

So today, my dedication will be to my mother, Sandra. You are my friend, touchstone, confidant, cheerleader, advisor, psychiatrist, therapist, relationship counseler, career advisor, political pundit, nurturer, protector, inspiration, teacher, and leader. Thank you for being who you are and never changing for anyone or anything. I love, appreciate, and admire you.

You're one hell of a woman and I can only hope to be one hell of a son!

Happy Mother's Day!

Readers: Feel free to include your own sentiments about your own mother's here.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mental Illness Costs the US Nearly 200B dollars in lost Productivity

I thought this was a pretty interesting story given that Mental Health is both under-diagnosed and treatment under-funded.

Mental Illness Costs U.S. Billions in Lost Earnings

13 minutes ago

THURSDAY, May 8 (HealthDay News) -- Serious mental illness costs Americans
at least $193 billion a year in lost earnings alone, a new report shows.

The study broadly defines mood and anxiety disorders that greatly limit a person's
ability to function for at least 30 days a year, including instances of any
condition linked to suicidal behaviors or frequent violent acts, as serious
mental illness (SMI).

"Lost earning potential, costs associated with
treating coexisting conditions, Social Security payments, homelessness and
incarceration are just some of the indirect costs associated with mental
illnesses that have been difficult to quantify," Dr. Thomas R. Insel, director
of the National Institute of Mental Health, said in a prepared statement. "This
study shows us that just one source of these indirect costs is staggeringly

Insel's agency funded the study. The results were published in the May
issue of The American Journal of Psychiatry.

The researchers analyzed 2002 data collected from a nationally representative study of almost 5,000 Americans, aged 18 to 64, to determine earnings lost in the year prior to the survey. They found that respondents with SMI reported receiving about 40 percent less in earnings than those without serious mental disorders, who earned an average

Researchers arrived at the $193.2 billion figure by extrapolating these results to the general population. They figured most of this comes from the lessened amount of income people with SMI were likely to earn, while the rest of the loss comes from the increased odds that their mental state would prevent them from having any earnings at all.

"The results of this study confirm the belief that mental disorders contribute to enormous losses of human productivity," lead researcher Ronald C. Kessler, of Harvard University, said in a prepared statement. "Yet this estimate is probably conservative, because the [survey used] did not assess people in hospitals or prisons, and included very few participants with autism, schizophrenia or other chronic illnesses that are known to greatly affect a person's ability to work. The actual costs are probably higher that what we have estimated."

More information The U.S. Surgeon General has more about mental illness.
Copyright © 2008 HealthDay.

Friday, May 2, 2008


Okay, so I just HAD to post this picture of Detroit City Councilmember and Mrs. Chitlin' Eatin' Negro Senior 2008, Barbabra Rose-Collins. File this one under the heading WTF were you thinking? Who shows up to a COUNCIL MEETING TO CONDUCT CITY BUSINESS looking like a prom queen reject?

I mean, to be fair it WAS her birthday and I'm all for black queens being celebrated, but dayum! Why the Tiara? Why the butter yellow, sateen dress? Couldn't she have gotten the same attention in a nice St. John 2 piece, with Chanel slingbacks, and a COGIC Easter hat??

Motor City residents you have two choices: FLEE or get rid of the "chitlin' eatin" negroes who run your city. You all give me a great cackle EVERYTIME I need one!

(Laughing Hysterically)

When black men fail their children - Part 2, NO CHARGES FILED AGAINST OFFICERS!!!

Happy Friday ONLY because it's Friday and no other reason related to this post.

I previously posted about Charles Rawlings, a pillar of righteousness in the Northeastern DC community, who father 16 children - that he HASN'T been able to take care of! The reason for the post was in response to Mr. Rawlings demand for 100 million dollars in a lawsuit for the killing of his 14 year old son Deonte Rawlings. Wait I misspelled it... It's D - e -apostrophe - Capital O-nte with an accent at the end for creative flair. Now, I'm not going to make light of this tragic situation anymore than I already have. A 14 year old boy was killed by a DC police officer because he had two stupid folks for parents.

I am extremely disappointed that the officers involved were cleared of all charges on yesterday by the US Attorney's office. My chagrin with these types of cases is that the officers are charged, placed on administrative leave with pay, and are typically cleared. They are never chastised, seldom express regret, and are often viewed as heroes by people who enjoy seeing unarmed black and brown men killed. Deadly force is the normal SOP for any incident with black men ... at least it appears that way. How can ANY sane person believe that the police are tasked with protecting and serving when it is so clear that they are dually tasked with meting out deadly "justice"?

Mayor Fenty for his part, has implicitly claimed culpability by paying for the boy's funeral and releasing the names of the officer's involved before having all of the facts in this case. What's even worse is even AFTER the FBI, US Atty's Office, and DC conducted separate investigations the results are the same. Witnesses ID'd the boy with a gun, shot recording technology recorded shots coming from a gun used by the boy, the boy stole a bike, they boy was on his way to becoming a criminal like his older siblings. It's horrible, but true. Did he deserve to die though? DC has no "self-defense" law, but the officers were able to employ one as their defense to the Federal charges. Did a 14 year old deserve to die? His parents were and are jail birds, drug abusers, and some of the most trifling people you'd ever meet. Did DeOnte deserve to die?

NO! Hell NO!!! He did not. I don't care how wretched this little boy was, unless he himself killed someone (and even then I'd have to weigh everything carefully), he did not deserve to die.

The officers have yet to express ANY regret and that bothers me. Black men are NOT safe if law enforcement has the right to use deadly and excessive force not matter what the cause.

To the family of DeOnte, I WON'T reverse my position from before because it was THE TRUTH; YOU BEAR SOME OF THE RESPONSIBILITY FOR HOW THIS BOY ENDED UP.

However, he did not deserve to die and for your your loss, you have my sympathy.