Monday, April 7, 2008

When Black men Fail Their Children: A tale of 2 Chitlin Eatin' Negroes who had way too much time on their idle hands... and genitals

Today I had the extreme displeasure of having to go through the painstaking task of ordering dinner from a take-out place because I was too lazy to cook. Now grant it, this post isn't going to be about my underwhelming dining experience, but rather served as the boiling point for the rage I felt after watching Nancy Grace and then reading the Washington Post.

I'll start with Father of the Year Numero Uno, Mr. Charles Rawlings of Northeast Washington, DC! Now get this, Super Dad is the father of 16, yes, S I X T E E N children. None, of which have benefitted from his vast knowledge and skills as the patriarch of such a distinguished klan of bastards. Turns out that all of his children are fucked-up because he hasn't had the time to actually parent them. Perhaps it was because he was too busy ejaculating in someone's vagina. Now to his credit, Mr. Rawlings did have the good sense to purchase a home to house his younger progeny, but it didn't matter. I believe that it wasn't the environment that screwed his kids up; he had a guiding hand in that. Unfortunately, he will now have to live with the fact that his literal interpretation of the Book of Genesis cost his 14 year old son, DeOnte his life.

DeOnte was shot and killed by an off-duty DC police officer over a mini-bike that was stolen fron said officer's home. The shooting is currently under investigation and the officers are on paid administrative leave. Charlie and Co. filed a 100 million dollar lawsuit and have been milking this sad case to absolve himself and Deonte's mother fron ANY responsibilty for what has happened to their son. Add the usual community activists protests, the empty rhetoric about police declaring open season on black men, throw in a couple of "No Justice, No Peace" and VOILA! You have yet ANOTHER conspiracy theory plot!

Now don't get me WRONG, the boy didn't deserve to die, but was his flawed life and juvenile record worth 100 million dollars? The most outrageous part of the lawsuit is that the family believes that there is a concerted effort by the police to harass the entire Rawlings (insert other names of bastard children here) family. At what point this harassment started remains unclear. Many of the family members were well acquainted with local law enforcement well before DeOnte's tragic death, Mom and Dad included. As a matter of fact, Mommie Dearest just got out of an extended jail stay after charges for felony assault against her boyfriend were dropped. She was then acquitted of other charges after the boyfriend stood by his woman after she stabbed the shit out of him.

Charlie is a winner as well. When he isn't going to jail for Domestic Violence disputes, you can find him resisting arrest and threatening to kill police! Yes, this is a lifestyle full of ambience and splendor. I can see how difficult it would be to understand how these two stellar, stand-up individuals could produce such evil offspring. The ONLY plausible answer for WHY this family is so busted MUST be external factors. There is no way Charlie had any control of all of these randomn sperm emmissions that resulted in at least 16 fertilizations with various women. After the death of his 14 year old, Charlie realizes that he needs HELP. What a pity; if only he had this epiphany after child number one, he might have used a condom at least 15 times and DeOnte along with other members of the Rawlings et. al brood might not have been born.


I am left to wonder how man STDs have been passed between these athletes and the women who allow them to bang them raw. Perhaps this little morsel isn't newsworthy enough to be on Nancy Grace, but again it's Nancy Grace! She will whine about anything, but lately she's been covering stories about men victimizing women. Today's story was about former NBA Star Jason Caffey. Here's his story:

Child support, bankruptcy trail former NBA player Caffey
Sunday, October 21, 2007
By BRENDAN KIRBY Staff Reporter

Four years and tens of millions of dollars after his NBA career ended,
Mobile native Jason Caffey is in bankruptcy court seeking protection from
creditors, who include seven women with whom he has had eight children.
Caffey's child-support problems landed him in jail in Tuscaloosa earlier
this year and drew an arrest warrant in Georgia.
"The only reason I filed
bankruptcy was to get these arrest warrants off me," he said in an interview
last week. Under the law, creditors -- including women seeking back child
support -- must halt all collection efforts during the bankruptcy.
"The guy
has made more money than he has sense," said Clarence Roby, a lawyer for Nikki
Brown, a Louisiana woman seeking child support payments on behalf of two
children. "He has not paid anything since May of 2005. ... He's the epitome of a
deadbeat dad."
Jim Altman, a lawyer who represents Caffey in a Georgia
child-support case, said Caffey's $4,250-per-month obligation is far outdated.
"As an NBA basketball star, he was making millions of dollars," Altman said. "It
kind of goes to show how the system fails people like Jason."
Caffey, 34,
was a standout power forward and center at Davidson High School who went on to
the University of Alabama and the Chicago Bulls. He later signed a $35 million
contract with the Golden State Warriors before finishing his career with the
Milwaukee Bucks.
Records at U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Mobile claim more than
$1.9 million in debts against nearly $1.15 million in assets.
The records
show Caffey earns $11,500 a month from two sources: JAC Enterprises, an endeavor
that invests in real estate; and Allstars Developmental Academy, a day care
center on Springhill Avenue. Caffey said three more such day cares are set to
open in Mobile on Tuesday.
He also owns 1608 Sports Bar and Grill on St.
Stephens Road.
More than half of Caffey's reported income -- $7,000 -- goes
to alimony and child support. "Who wouldn't have trouble with that after
retiring five years ago?" Caffey said.
Caffey's assets include a $175,000
home on Fearnway Drive in Mobile, a $14,000 1967 Buick Wildcat, a $34,000 2006
Dodge Charger, two NBA championship rings he won as a member of Michael Jordan's
Bulls and nearly $4,600 in household goods.
His ex-wife, Bebe, sued Caffey
for divorce last year and got their $800,000 home in Roswell, Ga. Several other
women have also sued Caffey for child support.
Lawyers for some of the women
said they do not oppose Caffey's bankruptcy filing, since the law prohibits
debtors from escaping child-support obligations.
"In fact, that would be
better, because he would have more cash available for child support," said Randy
Kessler, who represents Lorunda Brown of Lawrenceville, Ga.
bankruptcy documents list his obligations to Brown at $70,000, although a
document filed by Brown pegs the amount, including interest on the arrears and
attorneys' fees, at $112,736. "Since February 2007, he's paid not a penny,"
Kessler said.
A judge in Fulton County, Ga., held Caffey in contempt last
month for failure to pay child support and ordered him arrested. Altman has
asked the judge to set that arrest order aside until the bankruptcy is resolved.
Altman said in an interview last week that he would try to work out a settlement
in the Brown child-support case. "No one needs $5,000 a month in child support,"
Altman said. Kessler said Brown understands that Caffey's income has declined
since his NBA career ended. "She's always been willing to discuss reducing it,
but he has never discussed it," Kessler said. He added, "We wouldn't be a
stickler for $4,250 a month."
Roby, meanwhile, alluded to the giant contract
that Caffey signed with Golden State when he left the Bulls after the 1997-98
season. "What happened to the $35 million?" Roby asked. Caffey said the $35
million figure is misleading. After taxes, he said, the amount was about $17
million, and he missed out on $12 million of that when his NBA career ended with
three years left on his contract.
He said his ex-wife got half of his money
in the divorce. Caffey said he has invested about $2.5 million on his business
ventures in Mobile, creating jobs for about 65 people.
He said he believes
his children will be better off in the long run if he can build the businesses.
"It's generational wealth now," he said.
Nikki Brown acknowledged that
Caffey voluntarily set up $125,000 trust funds for each of their two children
and allowed her to tap into them when she struggled after Hurricane Katrina.
"One thing I can say financially is when Jason had money, he always paid me,"
she said. "He did take care of us when he was in the league."
Said Nicole
Fuller, an Illinois woman to whom Caffey owes $80,000 in child support: "Jason
isn't a bad person. He's a good father."
© 2008 Press-Register© 2008
All Rights Reserved.

Good father? System failed him? He's broke? What the hell was he thinking when he put his uncovered penis inside of 8 different women 10 times to fill them up? Just because he was making millions of dollars a year DOESN'T give him the right to screw everything moving. And to the women who decided to "rent their wombs" to him and be human incubators for his seed, has anyone gotten STD/HIV tests lately?

Jason story eclipses Charlie's in one respect, Jason had money to take care of his bastards; Charlie did not and DOES NOT.

So what say you blogosphere? Is there anyone out there brave enough to defend your right to procreate children with multiple partners that you take a half-assed approach to being a father/mother to them?

Any deadbeat dads/moms out there who care to explain WHY you had more children than your financial resources can support?

Any women who have children fathered by a man who has more children with several different other women that he isn't able to care for wish to talk about your lapses in judgement?


focusedpurpose said...


you are what is officially known as being "on one":-) you make me laugh out loud.

this is so despicable those words don't fully convey exactly how i feel. when will we decide to stop disgracing ourselves? when will we love, accept, and respect ourselves? this is embaressing! i cannot hope to explain why black folks do this kind of stuff:-(

interesting post!


NappyMind said...

Many people were upset when 14-year old DeOnte Rawlings was shot in the back of the head by a plain-clothes off-duty police officer. The officer went to DeOnte's Southeast, DC housing project to reclaim a minibike the officer said DeOnte stole from the officer's home. Although the officer claimed to shoot DeOnte in self-defense, no weapon was found in the vicinity and no gunpowder residue was found on DeOnte's hands. The minibike was later discovered in Upper Marlboro, MD. This was a tragic ending to this boy's life. I doubt we will ever know the real motivation for DeOnte's murder.

For the record, I would sue a police department if my child was shot in the back of the head by an off-duty officer.

Regarding the extremely fertile:
In the 1980's on television (I think it was the Phil Donahue Show), when the current DC Mayor, Marion Barry, told a mother of @ 12children to stop having babies, she retorted that she would continue having babies as long as God allowed her to do so. I believe the DC government provided this fertile woman with a newly renovated home for the entire family.

NappyMind said...
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BLKSeaGoat said...

If yor child was DeOnte Rawlings and the conditions I described in the post were the same, I would tell you the exact same thing.

You would be to blame for having too many children that you could niether afford or rear.

It sad the DeOnte is dead, but had he better parents, do you honestly think we'd be discussing this now?

Regarding the family who DC bought the house for, you are absolutely right... DC government under the helm of ANOTHER Chitlin Eatin Negro, Marion Barry, bought the woman and her brood a house. Guess what happened? She and her children DESTROYED the house.

Ask Marion Barry about the regret he had for trying to assist one of his citizens (probably someone he use to smoke crack with).

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

I am glad that isnt the man i am

Don said...

stand-up individuals could produce such evil offspring.

Love the sarcasm.

Being that I have two young daughters by a mother who basically woke up one day and realized she didn't want the children, but also didn't want me to have them, it's hard for me to get into long, drawn out discussions when it comes to children and their parents. It still hurts.

But I will add that once a mother and father truly understands and accepts the fact that children are not bad from the beginning - they imitate their atmosphere, then and only then will the cycle of "detrimental neglect" cease.

Don't hold your breath.

Great post, blkseagoat.

sidebar: nancy grace makes me just want to choke her. lol.

keepnkool said...

i am a female from Mobile, AL & personally know Jason Caffey. I've known him since we attended Davidson High School together. I can say that I've always known him to be a good guy. Yes, it is very irresponsible to go around having unprotected sex with many different women. Well, actually kinda dumb, knowing that these women are looking for u to slip up & plant one so they can have a meal ticket. But in his defense, Jason has always given back to his hometown, especially to the kids in the community. I think that if he had the means to pay these court-ordered amounts of child support, then he would be doing so. I think that once these amounts are reduced, then he will redeem himself and step up to the plate to take care of his children...or at least I hope he will.

BLKSeaGoat said...

If Jason were so great he wouldn't have ended up in Bankruptcy court to evade paying child support.

The money he spent "giving back to the community" should have been spent on the small one he decided start by impregnating those 8women.

He gets no pass from me, but I guess since he's your homie you're entitled to think of him differently.

To me, he's an idiot with too much time on his hands.

It's going to be nearly impossible to get all of the amounts reduced because he has arrearages in the hundreds of thousands.

Many of these accrued while he was still in the NBA making millions of dollars per year.

I wonder if there is a woman stupid enough to have ANOTHER child by him knowing that he's, at his very best, a part time father in the WORST way?

Curious said...

I just had the funniest notion. For some reason I thought the police department was formed to prevent and solve crimes. Now it seems that they perform self-decided executions too. If we can only just get rid of those pesky judges and expensive trials then we can live in that police state that so many of us fear.

I don't care how much of a despicable bastard some people and their families are, no one deserves to be killed over stealing a bike. I would feel fucking ashamed that someone in my family thought a human beings life was worth less than the 4 or $500 it cost to replace an object.

I am saddened.

Randi523 said...

What's up Keepnkool? I'm a Mobile native too! (Murphy High, c/o '98)

My cousin knew Jason Caffey very well also, played ball with him a few times. I think he's just a sad, tragic example of athletes getting the big head, thinking they're invincible, and they'll have/make millions forever, so they don't SAVE!

I'm not a lawyer, but I thought child support was like student loans and taxes when one files bankruptcy: the debt(s) can't be discharged...

I definitely wonder about the rate of STD spreading that is going on with all of the unprotected sex. I also wonder about what kind of adults will these bastard kids (in the literal definition of the word) grow into: will they break the cycle and make something positive of themselves, or perpetuate the cycle and repeat their parents' mistakes??

keepnkool said...

This is something I've been wondering about: why did Caffey retire from the NBA at such a young age? I think he could have played at least 3-5 more years. At least the $$$ would still be coming in. I don't get it

BLKSeaGoat said...


I never stated the child desrved to die, but there's more to the story that people keep glossing over.

DeOnte's father was a moron and now he wants DC tax payers to take care of him and the rest of his children he had no skills to parent, but enjoyed screwing to create them.

His sone was a little thug and though he didn't deserve to be shot and killed, his FATHER bears much responsibility and culpability in how his sone ended up.

The sooner he acknowledges that he fucked up the more sympathetic I'll be towards him. The ONLY victim in this case is DeOnte.

Curious said...

BlkSeagoat - I have no argument for the the father or the son. I accept that they were both morons and neither one an asset to society, but I feel far too often that certain members of the police department and other agencies seem to feel it is their right to take the law into their own hands, and that attitude should not be allowed to stand. I probably agree with you that pops doesn't deserve a red cent, but DCPD should be made to pay in some fashion for what they've done. And if the people of DC condone such actions by the police department, then they should pay as well.

BLKSeaGoat said...

Actually, the citizens of DC condone the irresponsibility of people like Charles Rawlings because the culture of poverty (at least from how I see it)permeates every fiber of the black community. We had a crack smoking Mayor, who is now a councilman, black tax accountants who stole 60 million from the city, and a fire department where the former chief only promoted people if he got to fuck them... he was also black.

DC has more people receiving SSI, SSDI, section 8, and other govermental subsidies per capita than any other metro area. nearly 70 percent of those people are black. Juxtapose that against a metro area with a median income of 90K for a family of four and you'll find that most black people who live in the city do so because the taxpayers assist them to do so.

I don't condone what the DCPD did, but if Charles was a pillar of the community and cared more about rearing his children than demonstarting his virlity by siring 16 children, I don't think his son would be dead.

"It's becoming increasingly difficult for me to conjure up any indignation for these kinds of tragedies when the victims bear some responsibility for what has happened" (I can't remember who said that but my sentiments are the same).

Generally, the police in DC are cool and they do a decent job. What they did to that boy was wrong, but he wouldn't have been out in the streets if Father of Year had been raising him.

Anonymous said...

My cousin knew Jason Caffey very well also, played ball with him a few times. I think he's just a sad, tragic example of athletes getting the big head, thinking they're invincible, and they'll have/make millions forever, so they don't SAVE!

Being an athlete has nothing to do with this behavior. Its the behavior of trifling a-holes, career industry doesn't matter.

Randi523 said...

Dang, one can go from being a drug-abusing mayor to a drug-abusing city councilman? We do still get to VOTE IN these politicians, right?? HOW DO THEY KEEP GETTING RE-ELECTED??!

Sorry, I strayed from the topic at hand. :-)

Curious said...

Hey man I respect and dig a lot of what you say. I even agree with a lot of it and then there's some that i don't. But I thank you for allowing me to express my 2 cents. said...

Hi everyone! {waves}

I'm new to this blog. This is a post that really makes me furious.

I was sad to hear that Sean Levert was in jail for owing $80K in child support (and that he died in custody.)

When I saw your three questions at the end of the post, I was on the floor cracking up (although I know you were serious)!!

I have not had any children out of wedlock because that is just not something that I was taught to believe would be a wise decision FOR ME (nothing against any sistas here who have made that choice but it's not FOR ME).

What I have observed, though, is that many women who have children out of wedlock that they can't provide a privileged lifestyle for were themselves, children who were in the same situation. So many women do not understand what the role of a husband IS and therefore, many will decide that it's not imperative to have a solid marriage in place BEFORE getting pregnant.

I am convinced that most sistas who make that choice convince themselves that it's a norm. I can not tell you how many times in the beauty shop I've heard: "girl, you don't got no kids?!"

Then, I hold up my left hand and say, "I'm not married." Then, the room falls if it is shocking to hear someone associate motherhood with matrimony.

My, my, my...

Thanks for letting me blow my trumpet!

BLKSeaGoat said...

Rev, Lisa!!! Welcome! Glad to see you here.

You're right. I was serious about the last 3 and so far NO ONE has been crazy enough to answer those questions in the negative-affirmative. *LOL*

Anonymous said...

'Then, I hold up my left hand and say, "I'm not married." Then, the room falls if it is shocking to hear someone associate motherhood with matrimony.'

I dont romanticize nor advocate single parenting. I just know that matrimony doesnt ensure accountable, responsible fatherhood. There are too many married women whose husband falls short of being a father to their kids.

I spent many years wishing my mother would divorce my dad. But in keeping with the low expectations of Blacks, at least I was raised in a two parent home. So what the fuss, my dad wasnt bad, just a selfish drunk.

BLKSeaGoat said...


You're correct that marriage doesn't equal responsible fatherhood.

Did you ask your mother why she stayed in a marriage with a (in your words)selfish drunk?

What was her answer?

Why do you think she stayed?

BLKSeaGoat said...


I do have to apologize for offending anyone by referring to the children as bastards.

The children are in no way to blame for the stupidity of their parents.

I will say that when I wrote the post it was very knee-jerk to several stories I had read or watched that really made my blood boil about the sorry state of black fatherhood.

Having said that, I am not going to edit the post.

Ensayn1 said...

I think this was a superb post. I could feel your anguish. I feel this way on a lot of subjects so I understand why you put it down the way you did!