Wednesday, April 9, 2008


*SIGH* What would you call a man who cared so little about his daughter's well being that he allowed her to be murdered by her mother, refused to legitimize her by giving her his last name, rarely, paid child support, and now that his daughter is dead wants 25 million dollars from the city of Washington, DC?

I'd call him a sick, morbid, bastard who is the SORRIEST excuse for a man (out of the previuos two I profiled on Monday night). Yes, Mr. Penn has decided that the city owes him 25 million for being an extraordinary absentee father.

The basis for his lawsuit (I am seething with anger) in his own words communicated in "legalease" by his attorney, states that is daughters death, "denied (him) the financial benefits, gifts and other contributions." He goes on further to talk about how DC was derelict in its duty to safeguard Brittany since she was an endangered child. Ummm... how about you be a PARENT, Norman? I realize that the heterosexual copulation experience, from intercourse to ejaculation can occur in as little as 30 seconds. Do you think Norman could have put at LEAST that much time into being a father to his daughter?

You all go ahead and make as many excuses for this asshole as you'd like. He's a SORRY BASTARD and his actions (or lack thereof) prove it.


Randi523 said...

No excuses here. I volunteer with CASA, and I see plenty of cases in which the SW would LOVE if there was a viable parent/relative to step up and obtain custody of a child if the mother and/or father are unfit, rather than have to go through fostering/adoption/aging out. If Mr. Penn was so concerned, and KNEW the girls' mother was "off", he could have, should have stepped up. But like many men I know with growing children, they don't want to give up the "bachelor pad/life" to raise their own kids.

It's good that you brought up this story-of course, nothing else has been said of it in mainstream media anymore.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

I hate reading about stuff like this