Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Silent Blogging Reflection *SMILE*

Sorry it's been so long since my last post. I've had to take a break from blogging, because of work related commitments and just my overall bleak outlook about the world in which we live. I honestly never imagined that the world could be so unfair, so illogical, so cruel, and so unforgiving until I started blogging.

No, I ain't polly-anna-ish, but at the same time I know when to stop harping on particular issues. This has been the case with my disenchantment with black institutions, black "leaders", and the bottom-feeding ghetto mentality that seems to have a stranglehold on the poor, working poor, and lower middle classes (I am aware that middle class and wealthy blacks are no exception to having the same mentality, but let's be real here... money can insulate you from a lot of stupid shit - sometimes). Don't get it twisted though; I will call bullshit exactly what it is... bullshit (Nikki Giovanni coined that witty idiom). This is not the time for being polite or "understanding" about black folks being slack in our responsibilities to our families, communities, and even our COUNTRY.

My voice will remain the same - unapologetic, critical, and common-sense solution-oriented. Sometimes I'll be downright scathing, but I'll phrase my opinions in such a way that my sarcasm and sense of humor are reflected.

So, today will be my time for reflection. No posts about trifling black parents and their (through no fault of their own) spawn - of - Satan offspring, no posting about cowardly police officers MURDERING unarmed black men, no posts about VILE child molesting pedophilic sociopaths, and no posts about moronic-New-African-Negroes who can't even point out Africa on a MAP, let alone tell you ANYTHING factual about Africa.

No, today I'll just sit back and watch.

Tommorow, I'll be back on my soapbox; you've been warned. *Maniacal Evil Chortle*

Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's OFFICIAL!!! I am gonna run out and get someone pregnant!!! NOT!!! 19 Year-old BREEDERS get into brawl over WHICH GANG 4 YEAR-OLD SHOULD CLAIM!!

I would love to have a child or children for the right reasons though. For me, the right reasons would be to ensure the survival of blck folks with common sense and to extend my lineage. However, even those reasons would be self-serving and as a result I have elected to forego fathering any children. I may adopt or become a foster parent later, but for now I'm going to keep my seed to myself.

Most of you know that for the past few days I have been on a rant about how heinous some black parents can be. In fact the most popular post on my blog (I am gaguing this based on the number of comments) Was about how black men have FAILED their children. I know I have the skills to be a good parent, but I also realize that being a father is a monumental commitment. My life would no longer be my own and anything I did would have to positively affect the life of my child.

Today's post is another episode in the life and times of children who have RETARDS for parents. Where are birth control pills, condoms, and abortion when they are definitely needed? In the mile high city, Westside Story meets COLORS meets Boyz N Da Hood and it all goes terribly wrong from there. Two WINNERS in Denver Colorado had a knock-down, dragged-out, knuckle- thumping, let-me-take-out-my-vaseline, fight over what GANG or SET their 4 year old should claim. Should I say more? Do I really need to? This is why TEENAGERS SHOULD NOT HAVE CHILDREN. I am so completely disgusted with how people approach parenthood with such a cavalier attitude.

So to these 2 winners, I present the 2nd "You Need to be Slapped Unconscious Award" and I can only hope that jail time and a possible termination of parental rights is in the near future.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Has the US become an Ad-Hoc member of the Axis of Evil?

What do the USA, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and China have common? Gave up yet? Still no answer? They kill people!

According to an AOL news report, the findings of a study published by Amnesty International indicate that the United States of America ranks FIFTH (5TH) in the world for the number of people put to death. The countries ahead of the United States are Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and China.

I know I am not the only person who finds it disturbing that the US has so much in common with nations it frequently criticizes for being sponsors of terrorism, socialist republics, human rights abuser, and simply... EVIL. As the only superpower in the world (keep an eye on China) and the guardian of freedom and democracy, one would think that the US would have a more civilized way of dealing with it's criminal population.

Now, I'll admit that I AM AMBIVALENT ABOUT THE DEATH PENALTY. There are some crimes that I think are deserving of death or the same level of physical abuse the perpetrator inlicts upon the victim. I am very much an eye for an eye type guy within reason.

I find it interesting that the US shares many similarities with nations and governments it reviles. *I'll develop this more later, for now let it marinate*

Sunday, April 13, 2008

In Solidarity : Global Day for Darfur AND Why Black Athletes Matter

Recently, a very good friend of mine who is a regular lurker on blogs, asked me about the black blogosphere's involvement in boycotting the 2008 Summer Olympics.

The reason for such action is due to China's involvement in Sudan and its support of the governement responsible for human rights abuses that makes China's treatment of Tibet look like some unfriendly discourtesy.

Add to that China's veracity is raping Sudan of its Oil and other Natural Resources and yet again, we have another nation further marginalizing defenseless innocents all in the name of making a buck. The above video talks about Sudan's Oil Boom and China's willigness to suck it completely dry.

I was glad to see that Danielle Vyas at Modern Musings had spearheaded an effort to call attention to the crisis in Darfur. I was also under the impression that there was ging to be one, singular, consistent message that would be a part of a larger campaign. Next time, I will pay closer attention to something that is so important. Most of the images you'll see in this post will be coming form various internet sources. They are not mine, but belong to whomever created them. Thank you Danielle for putting together such a collection. If I am remiss in giving credit to others for their work, please contact me and I will correct error immediately.

When I had originally decided to blog on Darfur, I was going to launch an all-out campaign to call on athletes participating in the games, black athletes in particular, to boycott the games and stay home. I was even ready to start my own viral email campaign to persuade spectators to turn away from the Olympics and to stop watching the TV networks that will broadcast the games altogether, for the duration of the summer games. I am now reconsidering this course of action out of usefulness.

I had discussed this strategy with my aunt and she asked me, "Why? Why should the athletes, many of whom have been training all their lives for this single moment, be forced to be ambassadors of global politics? Why can't they simply be athletes and engage in competetion without being politicized?" At that time I didn't have an answer for her, but I cited the boycott of the 1980 Summer Olympics by the US and others to protest the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the abuses the USSR inflicted upon the Afghani people. Whether the athletes wanted to or not, they became ambassabors and they were politicized because their sponsoring country opted out of participating in the games.

When Harry Edwards asked Tommie Smith and John Carlos to boycott the 1968 Olympics, they had a better idea; compete, win, and use the stage as a platform to call attention to the Black Power Movement in the United States. I'm sure it had more to do with the era in which Mr. Smith and Dr. Carlos lived, but I am left to wonder, did they CHOOSE to be political? How effective would the Black Power movement have been if that symbolic 1968 salute had never been done? Because of their own personal commitments to social justice, these two athletes (as well as others like them) helped to change the course of history.

When I was an undergraduate student, I took an elective in Black Studies to satisfy a history/social sciences requirement. My professor eloquently stated, "Black people can't do anything without it being political." I'm paraphrasing, but hopefully the gist of what I'm trying to explain has been made clear. My expectations for Black athletes is that they will accept their onus of being political in direct opposition to the presumed idea that athletes are to be seen, celebrated for their prowess, and not heard. However they choose to act, as long as it's in a manner that is consistent with motivating people to actions that will positively affect the lives of the persecuted in Darfur and the surrounding villages, should be fully supported.


One would think that with all the talk in the United States about terrorism and National Security that the US would be doing everything in it's power to curtail China's attempts at becoming a Super Power. However, I think much of the United States' indifference is instrinsically linked to China's ability to extract most of Sudan's Oil... and you know how important Oil is!

From a National Security perspective, China enjoys diplomatic relationships with other communist nations such as Russia, Cuba, and North Korea to name a few. Chinese spies have been doing all they can to obtain US Military and Nuclear Intelligence. How long does the US think it will be before China has the ability undermine the United States' global influence?


We have an awesome task ahead of us, but I think that we are ready to accept the challenge of ending the Human Rights Atrocities in Darfur.

We can start by supporting some of the initiatives being spearheaded by Dream for Darfur.

If you are a Facebook junkie you may also join the Super Group Be A Voice for Darfur.

SheCodes at Black Women Vote has also listed some tangible ways that we can work for positive change in Darfur.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


*SIGH* What would you call a man who cared so little about his daughter's well being that he allowed her to be murdered by her mother, refused to legitimize her by giving her his last name, rarely, paid child support, and now that his daughter is dead wants 25 million dollars from the city of Washington, DC?

I'd call him a sick, morbid, bastard who is the SORRIEST excuse for a man (out of the previuos two I profiled on Monday night). Yes, Mr. Penn has decided that the city owes him 25 million for being an extraordinary absentee father.

The basis for his lawsuit (I am seething with anger) in his own words communicated in "legalease" by his attorney, states that is daughters death, "denied (him) the financial benefits, gifts and other contributions." He goes on further to talk about how DC was derelict in its duty to safeguard Brittany since she was an endangered child. Ummm... how about you be a PARENT, Norman? I realize that the heterosexual copulation experience, from intercourse to ejaculation can occur in as little as 30 seconds. Do you think Norman could have put at LEAST that much time into being a father to his daughter?

You all go ahead and make as many excuses for this asshole as you'd like. He's a SORRY BASTARD and his actions (or lack thereof) prove it.

Monday, April 7, 2008

When Black men Fail Their Children: A tale of 2 Chitlin Eatin' Negroes who had way too much time on their idle hands... and genitals

Today I had the extreme displeasure of having to go through the painstaking task of ordering dinner from a take-out place because I was too lazy to cook. Now grant it, this post isn't going to be about my underwhelming dining experience, but rather served as the boiling point for the rage I felt after watching Nancy Grace and then reading the Washington Post.

I'll start with Father of the Year Numero Uno, Mr. Charles Rawlings of Northeast Washington, DC! Now get this, Super Dad is the father of 16, yes, S I X T E E N children. None, of which have benefitted from his vast knowledge and skills as the patriarch of such a distinguished klan of bastards. Turns out that all of his children are fucked-up because he hasn't had the time to actually parent them. Perhaps it was because he was too busy ejaculating in someone's vagina. Now to his credit, Mr. Rawlings did have the good sense to purchase a home to house his younger progeny, but it didn't matter. I believe that it wasn't the environment that screwed his kids up; he had a guiding hand in that. Unfortunately, he will now have to live with the fact that his literal interpretation of the Book of Genesis cost his 14 year old son, DeOnte his life.

DeOnte was shot and killed by an off-duty DC police officer over a mini-bike that was stolen fron said officer's home. The shooting is currently under investigation and the officers are on paid administrative leave. Charlie and Co. filed a 100 million dollar lawsuit and have been milking this sad case to absolve himself and Deonte's mother fron ANY responsibilty for what has happened to their son. Add the usual community activists protests, the empty rhetoric about police declaring open season on black men, throw in a couple of "No Justice, No Peace" and VOILA! You have yet ANOTHER conspiracy theory plot!

Now don't get me WRONG, the boy didn't deserve to die, but was his flawed life and juvenile record worth 100 million dollars? The most outrageous part of the lawsuit is that the family believes that there is a concerted effort by the police to harass the entire Rawlings (insert other names of bastard children here) family. At what point this harassment started remains unclear. Many of the family members were well acquainted with local law enforcement well before DeOnte's tragic death, Mom and Dad included. As a matter of fact, Mommie Dearest just got out of an extended jail stay after charges for felony assault against her boyfriend were dropped. She was then acquitted of other charges after the boyfriend stood by his woman after she stabbed the shit out of him.

Charlie is a winner as well. When he isn't going to jail for Domestic Violence disputes, you can find him resisting arrest and threatening to kill police! Yes, this is a lifestyle full of ambience and splendor. I can see how difficult it would be to understand how these two stellar, stand-up individuals could produce such evil offspring. The ONLY plausible answer for WHY this family is so busted MUST be external factors. There is no way Charlie had any control of all of these randomn sperm emmissions that resulted in at least 16 fertilizations with various women. After the death of his 14 year old, Charlie realizes that he needs HELP. What a pity; if only he had this epiphany after child number one, he might have used a condom at least 15 times and DeOnte along with other members of the Rawlings et. al brood might not have been born.


I am left to wonder how man STDs have been passed between these athletes and the women who allow them to bang them raw. Perhaps this little morsel isn't newsworthy enough to be on Nancy Grace, but again it's Nancy Grace! She will whine about anything, but lately she's been covering stories about men victimizing women. Today's story was about former NBA Star Jason Caffey. Here's his story:

Child support, bankruptcy trail former NBA player Caffey
Sunday, October 21, 2007
By BRENDAN KIRBY Staff Reporter

Four years and tens of millions of dollars after his NBA career ended,
Mobile native Jason Caffey is in bankruptcy court seeking protection from
creditors, who include seven women with whom he has had eight children.
Caffey's child-support problems landed him in jail in Tuscaloosa earlier
this year and drew an arrest warrant in Georgia.
"The only reason I filed
bankruptcy was to get these arrest warrants off me," he said in an interview
last week. Under the law, creditors -- including women seeking back child
support -- must halt all collection efforts during the bankruptcy.
"The guy
has made more money than he has sense," said Clarence Roby, a lawyer for Nikki
Brown, a Louisiana woman seeking child support payments on behalf of two
children. "He has not paid anything since May of 2005. ... He's the epitome of a
deadbeat dad."
Jim Altman, a lawyer who represents Caffey in a Georgia
child-support case, said Caffey's $4,250-per-month obligation is far outdated.
"As an NBA basketball star, he was making millions of dollars," Altman said. "It
kind of goes to show how the system fails people like Jason."
Caffey, 34,
was a standout power forward and center at Davidson High School who went on to
the University of Alabama and the Chicago Bulls. He later signed a $35 million
contract with the Golden State Warriors before finishing his career with the
Milwaukee Bucks.
Records at U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Mobile claim more than
$1.9 million in debts against nearly $1.15 million in assets.
The records
show Caffey earns $11,500 a month from two sources: JAC Enterprises, an endeavor
that invests in real estate; and Allstars Developmental Academy, a day care
center on Springhill Avenue. Caffey said three more such day cares are set to
open in Mobile on Tuesday.
He also owns 1608 Sports Bar and Grill on St.
Stephens Road.
More than half of Caffey's reported income -- $7,000 -- goes
to alimony and child support. "Who wouldn't have trouble with that after
retiring five years ago?" Caffey said.
Caffey's assets include a $175,000
home on Fearnway Drive in Mobile, a $14,000 1967 Buick Wildcat, a $34,000 2006
Dodge Charger, two NBA championship rings he won as a member of Michael Jordan's
Bulls and nearly $4,600 in household goods.
His ex-wife, Bebe, sued Caffey
for divorce last year and got their $800,000 home in Roswell, Ga. Several other
women have also sued Caffey for child support.
Lawyers for some of the women
said they do not oppose Caffey's bankruptcy filing, since the law prohibits
debtors from escaping child-support obligations.
"In fact, that would be
better, because he would have more cash available for child support," said Randy
Kessler, who represents Lorunda Brown of Lawrenceville, Ga.
bankruptcy documents list his obligations to Brown at $70,000, although a
document filed by Brown pegs the amount, including interest on the arrears and
attorneys' fees, at $112,736. "Since February 2007, he's paid not a penny,"
Kessler said.
A judge in Fulton County, Ga., held Caffey in contempt last
month for failure to pay child support and ordered him arrested. Altman has
asked the judge to set that arrest order aside until the bankruptcy is resolved.
Altman said in an interview last week that he would try to work out a settlement
in the Brown child-support case. "No one needs $5,000 a month in child support,"
Altman said. Kessler said Brown understands that Caffey's income has declined
since his NBA career ended. "She's always been willing to discuss reducing it,
but he has never discussed it," Kessler said. He added, "We wouldn't be a
stickler for $4,250 a month."
Roby, meanwhile, alluded to the giant contract
that Caffey signed with Golden State when he left the Bulls after the 1997-98
season. "What happened to the $35 million?" Roby asked. Caffey said the $35
million figure is misleading. After taxes, he said, the amount was about $17
million, and he missed out on $12 million of that when his NBA career ended with
three years left on his contract.
He said his ex-wife got half of his money
in the divorce. Caffey said he has invested about $2.5 million on his business
ventures in Mobile, creating jobs for about 65 people.
He said he believes
his children will be better off in the long run if he can build the businesses.
"It's generational wealth now," he said.
Nikki Brown acknowledged that
Caffey voluntarily set up $125,000 trust funds for each of their two children
and allowed her to tap into them when she struggled after Hurricane Katrina.
"One thing I can say financially is when Jason had money, he always paid me,"
she said. "He did take care of us when he was in the league."
Said Nicole
Fuller, an Illinois woman to whom Caffey owes $80,000 in child support: "Jason
isn't a bad person. He's a good father."
© 2008 Press-Register© 2008 al.com
All Rights Reserved.

Good father? System failed him? He's broke? What the hell was he thinking when he put his uncovered penis inside of 8 different women 10 times to fill them up? Just because he was making millions of dollars a year DOESN'T give him the right to screw everything moving. And to the women who decided to "rent their wombs" to him and be human incubators for his seed, has anyone gotten STD/HIV tests lately?

Jason story eclipses Charlie's in one respect, Jason had money to take care of his bastards; Charlie did not and DOES NOT.

So what say you blogosphere? Is there anyone out there brave enough to defend your right to procreate children with multiple partners that you take a half-assed approach to being a father/mother to them?

Any deadbeat dads/moms out there who care to explain WHY you had more children than your financial resources can support?

Any women who have children fathered by a man who has more children with several different other women that he isn't able to care for wish to talk about your lapses in judgement?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Where is Harold Cruse when folks need him? Oh yeah... WE don't because we actually HAVE sense!

Many of you probably are familiar with Harold Cruse's The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual. Admittedly, I am familiar with it and I've read passages from it, but I have never gotten an opportunity to actually READ it. I am doing that now and when complete, I'm going to visit this post again and discuss its implications on black leadership.

For now, I am going to borrow the title and embellish it for the purpose of this post to discuss the current crisis of Black Leadership in instititutions we revere, politics and church.

In the past week several articles have been published on many blogs regarding the email campaign about the Dunbar Village Gang Rape and the lack of support for the victims. Bloggers have been accused of using fallacious arguments and contrived information to smear the reputation of venerated civil rights leaders and the organizations they represent. This could not be further (or farther I forget which one is epigrammatically correct) from the truth. Bloggers, at least the ones I associate myself with, maintain the same ethical standards with regard to posting information that seasoned journalists do. We do not contrive facts, twist people's words, frame messages, or spin doctor the way that many journalists do. We report things as they are so that our readers have the opportunity to be informed about a side of the story that mainstream media may not deem newsworthy.

In fact, when I write about an issue, I attempt to reference credible sources with verifiable information BEFORE posting. If one doesn't like what's being written then one shouldn't be engaging in behavior that's reproachable. This brings me to my reason for writing this post.

Last week Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick of Detroit was indicted for perjury along with his paid concibine, Christine Beatty. Of course KK has vehemently denied the charges and again has rounded up a groundswell of support from people whome should be chastising him for his ridiculously illegal, immoral, and reprehensible behavior as Mayor of Detroit. A coalition of 60 ministers issued a statement supporting KK despite the fact that he is a liar, adulterer, and possible murderer. 60 MINISTERS! What the hell is going on here? A group of Detroit women also banded together and issued a statement, "Progress outweighs scandal". I mean, really? As economically depressed as the city of Detroit is, how does a 9 million dollar settlement and several hundred thousand dollars in misappropriated funds constitute progress? Just because you host a major sporting event or two doesn't mean that you are a viable leader and that you were integral in brokering such events. Even today, KK has thumbed his nose at taxpayers by wasting money on a security detail that includes a body stunt double. I couldn't make this kind of stuff up if I tried. It's completely true, sad... pathetic...but true.

What's even more discouraging is the fact that this seems to be a common theme in the black community, paricularly in cities where black people are at the helm of the community's leadership. I used to live in ATLANTA proper NOT the suburbs as many black people do and have for the past 15-20 years. Even with the black leadership in control of the city VERY little was done for the neighborhoods in which black people traditionally resided. However, when it election time drew near, these same ineffective and complacent leaders would come out to our neighborhoods, beg for votes, make emormous pledges that they had no intention to keep and we bought the bullshit, hook line, and sinker. The result of our actions? Economic depression in our neghborhoods while the white ones have flourished and continued to grow. Ours have been decimated by our own consternation as well as outside factors such as gentrification, rampant crime, drugs, and other social stresses.

These are only two examples, but this post would be pages longs if I had the time and patience to document all of the instances of failed black leadership.

When confronted by this debacle many black people provide me with the same knee-jerk response over and over again. "So What? White People have been doing this kind of stuff for years? How is this a problem?" My answer is the same; black people are in no position to engage themselves in the kind of morally corrosive behavior that many white people do. We just can't. We have not arrived at a place in this society where our corrupt actions have no effect on anyone but us. Identity and associative politics aside, no, I don't believe that unsuccessful black people who happen to be in public view mar the reputation of our race, but let's be honest; any time a black person is in a highly visible position they become a de facto representative of what being "black" means.

I take a very different approach to this belief because I believe that black people should be excel in anything they do. I believe that black people are, or in the very least, above reproach. We have the moral high-ground from years of systemic illegal and LEGAL oppresion to act in a manner that DOES not beget shame and dishonor upon our immediate family or our ancestors who DIED to allow us the opportunities to succeed.

So yeah, Harold Cruse's book holds a special place in my heart because we are in CRISIS! Not an insurmountable crisis, but a crisis nonetheless.

I'll add all links to VERIFIABLE info (as well as my response to the Chitlin' Eatin' Negroes who pollute my inbox with their bullshit TOMORROW)