Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Has the US become an Ad-Hoc member of the Axis of Evil?

What do the USA, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and China have common? Gave up yet? Still no answer? They kill people!

According to an AOL news report, the findings of a study published by Amnesty International indicate that the United States of America ranks FIFTH (5TH) in the world for the number of people put to death. The countries ahead of the United States are Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and China.

I know I am not the only person who finds it disturbing that the US has so much in common with nations it frequently criticizes for being sponsors of terrorism, socialist republics, human rights abuser, and simply... EVIL. As the only superpower in the world (keep an eye on China) and the guardian of freedom and democracy, one would think that the US would have a more civilized way of dealing with it's criminal population.

Now, I'll admit that I AM AMBIVALENT ABOUT THE DEATH PENALTY. There are some crimes that I think are deserving of death or the same level of physical abuse the perpetrator inlicts upon the victim. I am very much an eye for an eye type guy within reason.

I find it interesting that the US shares many similarities with nations and governments it reviles. *I'll develop this more later, for now let it marinate*


mrshadow33 said...

This just causes me to shake my head. It doesn't surprise me as much as it angers and saddens me. This sure gives America the high ground in its moral crusade doesn't it?

Lord help us.

DJ Black Adam said...

Simply Amazing...