Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Random Musings About Everything and Nothing

Hey blogosphere! Perhaps it may be the holiday season that's swiftly approaching or the culmination of an incredible year, but I'm feeling a bit introspective today. I've changed the layout of the blog and I'll probably be taking it through a few more changes before I'm settled on how I want my layout to look. This post is going to be hard to follow because I have too many thoughts going on that I want to write about. It won't make much sense to most of you unless you know me, but I still thank you for taking time to read nonetheless.

Get Ready for the Gayness!!!

I'm starting another blog on blogspot, Black, Male, and Gay ... In That Order, that will be dedicated to gay issues and of course MY perspective on those issues (wink).

When I started blogging it was in response to a call for activism. That blog will serve as my sounding board to keep my readers abreast of the happening in gayness and how those happenings impact gays of color.

My first post will be dedicated to motivating gays of color to be active participants in the gay civil rights movement. I'll include a short reponse to the Prop 8 brouhaha, but I won't spend too much time on it, because so many others have already weighed in. I'll also be reviewing a couple of papers addressing homophobia and the black church, as well as laying the foundation to offer my own intellectual analysis of why I chose my blog title. The blog will also offer ideas on shaping a new gay rights movement as the current strategies adopted by the larger, mainstream organizations have proven to be ineffective. Expect the first post in the next two weeks.

Jesus Was Born at a Car Show in Day-Twat!

I'm sure by now everyone has read, posted, or heard about one of the most superfluous, self-aggrandizing displays of Chtilin' Eatin Negro behavior in the history of the Chitlin' Eatin' Negro. The "big 3" of the U.S. Automotive Industry, from execs, to UAW reps, to the workers, got together on Sunday Morning in an Oliver Twist inspired church service to BEG baby Jeezus for some hot, stankin' bailout lovin'. The whole idolating spectacle was captured in both print and video media. It should come as no surprise to you folks who were present during the service that when the day of judgment comes, God's gonna post these clips to his/her myspace and facebook pages to broadcast them to you during your burning in hell.

I really feel sorry for those people in that church and in the black church in general, but I digress. Not to worry though; I'm working on a post called the NIGGA CHURCH which shall not disappoint those who share my views about the relevance and usefulness of the black church.

World AIDS Day - Critics say AIDS Ain't REALLY That Bad, Right?

December 1, 2008 was the 27th Annual Worlds AIDS Day. After all the money devoted to HIV/AIDS research, members of the scientific community would like to divert funding from the global AIDS intiatives to other worthy diseases that devastate people's community by killing so many people. According to AIDS funding critics, the disease hit a plateau in the 90's and should no longer be considered an epidemic - except in Africa where so many black people are still geetting infected and even more are dying.

This position dangerously assumes that HIV infection is under control in places where the occurrence if the disease is always under-reported and in some placeS not at all (think India, the Middle EAST, and CHINA). Most of these place are traditional hetero-normative societies and they still relegate AIDS to a disease that gays and prostitutes get and spread. Since NONE of those types of people live ANYWHERE in those places, it's not a real problem. For example, 2 years ago China reported less than 1,000 HIV cases total and then later admitted that there might be more. However, lack of a competent surveillance model, as well as rampant denial, attributed to the errors in reporting.

My take: The international community (dominated by white scientists) only cared about AIDS when whites were the face of the disease. Now that black people comprise the majority of HIV/AIDS cases globally, there's no need to continue funding AIDS research at the levels (which have remained flat) we have in the past. I realize that other diseases are emerging as serious threats to developing nations, but AIDS is still serious. Don't believe me? Come visit me in DC, where the city has the dubious distintion of being number 1 in the rate of HIV infection. 1 out of every 20 or 5% of DC residents live with HIV. See, you don't have to go all the way some parts of Africa to see an epidemic! You can come right here.