Monday, February 4, 2008

The First Ever "You Need to be Slapped Unconscious" Award - Donnie McClurkin WINS!!!

I am not terribly proud of or sympathetic to Pastor Donnie McClurkin these days. When he isn't spouting homophobic rhetoric and then retracting or filtering his statements, he's engaged in a new hobby. Yes, it seems that the top-selling Gospel Artist and self-proclaimed poster child for surviving sexual abuse is busy supporting accused serial rapists, sexual abusers, and molesters. For this alone, he gets my first ever "You need to be Slapped Unconscious" Award!

Now many of you may ask, "Shane, why are you so harsh? What could Donnie have done to deserve an award such as this?" It's simple; Donnie is a hypocrite and an opportunist. If anyone should be opposing Sherman Allen it should be him. I'm getting ahead of myself so I'll offer up some more background on why Christians, particularly those members of the COGIC, Inc. should be outraged.

About a week ago I wrote a post about the sorry state of Black Leadership and posed the question about why we continue to support them. In the article I did a small feature on the Rev, Sherman Allen of the Shiloh Church Ministries. For those of you who are unaware or simply refuse to acknowledge the truth, Rev. Allen has been accused of abusing, raping, and beating 35 women during his tenure as pastor of the Shiloh Institutional COGIC. In fact, evidence exists that COGIC had KNOWLEDGE of these allegations as early as 1996, but the earliest incident occurred as early as the late 1980's. COGIC did nothing to rebuke or punish Rev. until AFTER the death of Bishop G.E. Patterson. Bishop Charles E. Blake, current presiding Bishop issued this statement through his spokeswoman, Alayna Adams,

"The Church of God in Christ does not condone any inappropriate behavior from any of its representatives, and does not comment on pending litigation against the Church or its representatives until a case has been brought to trial and an official ruling has been made. Until then, Pastor Sherman Allen has been suspended from all national and local pastoral roles and activities within the Church of God in Christ. This is Church policy and we will honor this policy for the case against Allen."

Pastor Allen's response was to resign and resume his role as chief apostle of his church, renaming it the Shiloh Church Ministries. To this date, he is continuing to preach, teach, and pastor the Shiloh church even after being besieged by bankruptcy and this sexual scandal. So what's happened to the victims? I wish I could tell you, but reporting on this case has been intermittent and sketchy at best.

How is any of this related to Donnie McClurkin? Funny one should ask! I contacted the Shiloh Church Ministries this morning and Donnie McClurkin is one of their CONFIRMED speakers for their Prophetic Conference 2008 in addition to 7 other speakers. So, now I think it's befitting of anyone with a conscience to ask, Donnie, why? COGIC, why? Rapist Allen, why?

For now, we'll focus on Donnie McClurkin. Many of you already know that Donnie McClurkin professes that God delivered him from homosexuality or as he states on the Perfecting Faith Church website, "sexual ambiguity". Donnie asserts that he was never given an opportunity to explore or discover his own sexual identity because he was violently raped and molested as a child. As painful as those memories were for him, Donnie maintains that it was the power of God the freed him from bondage. How then, is it possible for him to attend a conference sponsored by Rev. Allen? Please view the police report against Allen that describes his sadism and demonstrates his level of depravity. This police report should probably not be viewed by anyone under the age of 18 and in some jurisdictions, 21.

When I contacted the Perfecting Faith Church office, I spoke with a young lady who refused to answer my inquiry regarding Donnie's involvement with Sherman Allen. She suggested that I contact McClurkin's Administrative Assistant, which I did, but he was unavailable and I left a voice mail message. Undaunted, I sent an email to McClurkin's personal email address listed on his website I have not received a response from either person.


To my fellow bloggers it has become clear to me that WE ARE THE VOICES for those that are marginalized by anyone. We stand at the proverbial gate as guardians for those who have been exploited and abused by others. I urge each and every one of you reading this post to show it to others and even more, those who would dispute the truth of its contents. When people are unable to be vulnerable at Church, something is terribly wrong! Our silence implies that we condone and approve of this type of behavior. Where is the outrage? Why are we not filled with righteous indignation collectively?

You wanna make a difference? Stop agreeing to foolishness! Stop supporting these people who don't support you! Stop deifying these pastors, preachers, and other religious leaders in an effort to EXCUSE their behavior. Reverend Allen is a sociopath and Donnie McClurkin, as well as the other featured speakers are opportunists and purveyors of false doctrine. How else would one explain their willingness to be affiliated with an accused Sexual predator? Did Jesus die for this?

The links:

The Speakers:


Pastor Donnie McClurkin



Dr. DANA CARSON ex.htm

Prophetess KEELY PETTY

Pastor WILLIAM O'NEAL (of Houston, TX)


The Churches:

Shiloh Church Ministries, Inc.
1270 Woodhaven Blvd.
Ft. Worth, Texas 76112

Perfecting Faith Church
Pastor Donnie McClurkin
311 North Main Street
Freeport, NY 11520
(516) 223-8300

Make your displeasure known to all of those people and institutions listed.

I struggle with you,


DJ Black Adam said...

Man, I had no idea it was like this in th COGIC.

BLKSeaGoat said...

It's worse. This story was one of probably thousands that have been hidden from the public.

Part of the reason is that COGIC provides a safe haven for abusers through its man-made teachings and protocols.

Another reason is that many black church folks are like mindless, dumb sheep.

Sherman Allen still has an army of supporters DESPITE the allegations.

New Black Woman said...

Wow...all I can say is wow...

NYTN said...

Even though I did a story on this already, I'm getting mad ALL OVER AGAIN by reading this!!!

tasha212 said...

This is so sad. How was this allowed to go on for so many years? I was raised Catholic, so I'm not as familiar with COGIC as with other denominations. Was it like the Roman Catholic scandal where victims were paid off to keep quit? This is one of the reasons why today I don't really belong to any church or denominatiom. My grandmother always used to say that the devil roams in God's house.

madamswalt said...

I'm glad you are getting the word out about Sherman Allen. I have started blogging about my experiences with Sherman Allen-- dating back to high school in the late 1970s. For my account, you can visit my Myspace page,

The truth will prevail... when we all break our silence.

fumza said...

i cant believe i read this to the end. I think you are the one who deserve a slap my bro!
How dare you talk like that about Pastor Donnie? Do you know how many hearts you are offending right now? That is my man of God if you dont know and i am willing to fight the bad one for him.

I dont see what he has to do with this whole thing. tell me something, how many times did your mummy offend your daddy? and does that make them never ever to talk again? or should the rest of the family never get to talk to her? well i know you are wondering what on earth am i talking about, get the answer from there.

BLKSeaGoat said...

I can't believe I posted your response to a post that is over 7 months old.

What were you looking for?


If and when you decide to actually get a handle that I can contact you on, you may reach via my blog to arrange this slapping. Let me warn you though; I will stomp a hole in your back and do my best to fuck you up.

So has Donnie been molesting you? Is that why you're here defending the ex-gay who is still gay?

Donnie has everything to do with this post because he chose to associate himself with Sherman. You are guilty by association as well and I would be surprised if you were some type of pedophile rapist or abuser yourself.

Donnieie had ample opportunity to deny his association with Allen and chose to do otherwise.

When you're ready for that ass whipping, look me up.

You're a victim of spiritual abuse. Step to me like the bitch ass man that you are and I'll inflict the same amount of physical abuse. Real Talk.