Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's getting MESSY at Greater Mount Calvary!!! Gay Men are in the CHOIR!!!

Good morning people! Let me start with a special shout out to Pam's House Blend and Living Out Loud with Darian for following the story that's the subject of this post.

I decided to take a break from my Kwame Kilpatrick rant to bring you BREAKING NEWS! It seems that there are some gay men who sing in the choir at CHURCH! Gasp!!! Oh the horror! The Shock! I am abhorred..... NOT!

For many of you who are completely clueless, gay men have been a part of gospel music since its inception. I can't remember a time in my life when I did attend church, that there WEREN'T any homosexuals in the choir.

It doesn't stop there though. Gay men are the reason gospel music exists as it does. We are creative, talented, ambitious, and we have a knack for taking charge (mainly because we LOVE attention).

Now you may all have your own opinions about whether GOD hates gays or not. I don't really care. If you express those opinions here in the comments section, please respect my blog and respect me. We can have a dialogue without resorting to name calling or condemning each other to hell. If you act like you don't have any home training or sense and I will savage your ass something terrible!

On to the story... It seems that an angry member of one of the choirs at Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church wrote an open letter to the pastor, Bisop Alfred Owens, to formally out several males and two females. In the letter she calls the people out by name and even provides details about what kind of sex they engage in, who they are currently dating and how they get together for sex parties! I'll post a part of the letter here that I read on What's (used to be a gay gossip site but has since been turned into a porn site. NSFW), but you can actually read the Washington Blade Article here.

So to the gay men and women outed in this letter and given Greater Mount Calvary's icy reception towards gay people, why do you continue to attend church there? Why continue to be disrespected and pimped for your gifts?

Talk among yourselves; I need coffee right now.


Miriam said...

HI Shane,

this is kinda off topic, but I just heard about the whole Maya Angelou thing and about your phone call to Verizon.

Yay, Shane! You are making a difference.

BLKSeaGoat said...

Thanks Miriam... How are you? You're still in the Middle East, right?

Khadija said...

I followed the links. Hmmm...this is fascinating.

I'm curious as to what you think is motivating Black gays to participate in these homophobic churches.

Is it that they don't feel that gay-welcoming churches are "real" churches? Is it that they believe the "authentic" Black church experience can only be found in these backwards congregations?

Is the dynamic [behind this choice to attend homophobic churches] similar to that of the general masses of Black folks who seem to feel comfortable shopping in Arab/Korean stores where they are routinely disrespected?

Not that I'm giving my own faith community a pass. Truth be told, any gay person who came out in many mosques would be taking their life into their own hands! The few gay Muslims I've known were driven out of the mosque. It's a disgrace. :-(


Woman in Transition said...

The ones who are most critical in the pulpit (in this case, homophobic) are usually the ones who are most guilty of committing a "sin" themselves. It's just easier to shine a light on someone else's iniquity than yconfess your own, especially if you continue to indulge in it. I think this outing campaign is just the beginning for Greater Mount Calvary.