Wednesday, February 6, 2008

62 Year Old Grandmother Turns Out to be a CRACK DEALER!!!

This is just too much. What happened to the days when grandmothers baked pies or cobblers or made delicious homemade meals to supplement their retirement income? My grandmother worked and had a career well past her retirement. When her income changed and she started drawing from her pension fund and retirement savings, she adjusted her spending habits.

It seems that Henrietta Daise (doesn't that just sound all grandmothery, like Gertrude, Hortense, Lilly, or Wilma?) found a new way to supplement her income and augment her 401K and Annuities. Like so many others who came before her Ms. Daise decided that entrepreneurship was in her blood and chose to be a CRACK DEALER!

I am both laughing and crying at the same time. Not only was she a CRACK DEALER, when her house was raided, she figured she would hide her merchandise in the same places most grandmothers (at least mine did) kept cash... her bra!! Could you imagine asking your grandmother for "Ice Cream Truck" money and crack rocks falling out with MOUNDS of cash? What a mess. Henrietta, I just can't give you the "You Need To Be Slapped Unconscious" Award because I refuse to advocate slapping a woman, but Ma'am you are a DAMN FOOL!!! Thank God you were able to raise your 7500.00 bail! Although you're a CRACK DEALER, I don't think jail is a good place for a 62 year old GRANDMOTHER no matter how HORRIBLE you are.

For that I will give you an Honorable Mention for the YNTBSU.

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