Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Question for the Day: Why are Black Leaders so Brazenly Corrupt and Why do Black Folks Perpetuate Their Foolishness by Supporting Them?

O.K. , it's been far too long since I've posted something that gets back to the reason I created this blog. Initially, my intention was too focus on how black people have lost their minds as a collective. At some point, I segued into "BLKSeaGoat: the Mini-Series" as a means of venting, but now that has to change. Today's post will be a lengthy one, but I need to know something: Why are Black Leaders so damn trifling?!?

My Inspiration(s) For Today's Post

People, what the hell is going on with black leadership these days? In the past 15 years we have abandoned common sense and purpose for self-service and exploitation. We engage in fraud on the regular, blame it on white people, and then attempt to save face and our sullied reputations by "finding religion". We wallow in foolishness, arrogance, and victimology, then we spin our bad behavior by comparing ourselves to white people using goose-gander analogies.

Frankly, I don't really give a rat's shaved ass about what white people do because I expect so little out of them. They have controlled political and societal constructs for millenia and have done so to ensure that they are the perpetual recipients of all the goodies that follow thereafter. I'll state this bodly with confidence and bias: I HOLD BLACK PEOPLE TO A HIGHER STANDARD! So what if white people are inherently corrupt, black people had the moral high ground to justify why institutions like slavery, segregation, and racism were wrong. Now, it seems that as they playing field becomes more level and black people are starting to climb the upper echelons of leadership and achievement, we feel that we have license to act a damn fool and NOT be called out on it!

I stated at the beginning of this post that in the past 15 years we've gone crazy, but I'm not gonna go back that far-- I don't have to; let's have a sample of what I'm talking about, shall we?

Recently I am sure that many of you have heard about the shenanigans of Detroit's ghetto-assed mayor, Kwame "the Pimp" Kilpatrick. If you haven't, I'll bring you up to speed. It seems that the mayor of the Motor City and his COS, Christine Beatty used city funds to help finance some secret rendezvous. What's so wrong with that? Well, nothing if they both weren't married, and if they both hadn't been using their city issued Blackberries TO MEMORIALIZE their sexual escapades. To make matters worse, when rumors of their affair transformed into a 9 million dollar whistle blower lawsuit, they LIED under oath about doing the nasty. Kwame even pontificated about how noble his ghetto family was and how outraged he was at the suggestion that he and Christine were lovers. The text messages stated otherwise.

To add insult to injury, Kwame has been a corrupt mayor from Day ONE. Detroit is a dead city and the slew of chitterling eating black leadership has EVERYTHING to do with it. Kwame's mother, Congresswoman Carolyn Kilpatrick is just as wretched as her stupid son for defending is silliness, but clearly hearkens back to her housing project roots with this passionate defense of her son. With an example like this is it any wonder why Detroit is a hell hole?

Jesus Loves Coochie and Spankings

Yes, I am probably walking a tightrope over the lake of fire by posting this, but I just got wind of the information. Thanks to my homegirl, DeenaJonesOne on youtube.com and her "Church Hurt Movement", I have discovered that Jesus LOVES coochie, spankings, and apparently Crystal Meth. It seems that Bishop Terry Hornbuckle of the Agape Fellowship Christian Church in Arlington, TX was sentenced to 15 years in prison for raping and drugging 3 women, 2 of which were his parisioners, and one those women being a 17 year old girl.

But it doesn't stop there folks! Renee Hornbuckle, wife of Bishop Rapist, has assumed leadership of the church she founded with her husband (while he was screwing everything in sight) and decided to take both his salary and her salary (although she had done NOTHING to justify being paid by the church... unless you count supporting a rapist as her ministry) and combine it in to one fat salary to make about 16K a month. Not bad for a church on the brink of bankruptcy after being found liable in several civil lawsuits brought by the victims of Bishop Rapist.

Apparently Jesus finds spanking a naked buttocks quite scintillating, but not enough to do it himself. Jesus instead took the form of a paddle and placed himself in the hands of Bishop Sherman Allen, also of TX. Reverend Allen has been accused by at least 35 women of both physical and sexual abuse. True to cult leader fashion, Allen explained to the women that it was God's will for him to spank their asses and then "fill them" with his blessed penis. He is currently in the Bahamian ISLANDS no doubt hiding from people.

For more information about these and other sexual predators running wild in Jesus's Name, please visit bishop-accountability.org.

Now for the ICING on this Sordid Cake

Why do we support people like this? What will it take for black people to abandon these folks and admit that these types of people are pieces of shit... without assistance from "evil white people"? This seems to be a common theme in the black community and it's killing us. Why are we so enamored with Marion Barry, Sharpe James, Bill Campbell, Kwame, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Alcyee Hastings, William Jefferson and other black elected officials, that we are blinded by their serious lack of personal integrity and honesty? Why do we attend churches pastored by Rapists, Womanizers, Homophobes, and Money Hungry Hypocrites? When will we begin to hold black people accountable for their foolishness WITHOUT attributing it OR minimizing it to a diatribe about "the MAN"?

Some of us have sense, but for the most part, many of us are completely LOST.


Randi523 said...

It's bout time you posted something new! LOL-Just Kidding.

Now, about your new post: you know there's still that whole "Black (Ghetto) Pass" that some Blacks tend to give other Blacks when they screw up. How does that help them, or help us? Really, it hurts us, our communities. Look at the piss-poor state Detroit, Motor City, is in. But the mayor is sexin' it up with his Chief of Staff on (near-poverty level in some cases) taxpayer money. They both should be locked up.

mrshadow33 said...

As the late Esther Rolle as Florida Evans said on Good Times, DAMN, DAMN,DAMN! Brother you are so on the money with this. This fool Kilpatrick is a disgrace to his family, his city, his gender and his people. Oh I can't leave missy out either but at least she had some kind of grace and resigned, unlike the "Hip-Hop Mayor". You are right, If we don't hold ourselves accountable, then who will?