Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Disgraced, womanizer, hypocrite, and quintessential chilin' eatin' NEGRO - Kwame "Can't keep my D@#$ in my pants" Kilpatrick to apologize at CHURCH!

Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive... using text messages and the CHURCH!

It was reported yesterday in the Detroit Free Press that the Dishonorable Kwame Kilpatrick, Mayor of the Motor City, that he would be making an address about his affair with longtime aide, Christine Beatty. Although Ms. Beatty has resigned, sources in the Mayor's administration have confirmed that Kwame's pimp speech will be nothing more than an apology for getting caught.

Now get this, Elder J. Drew Sheard, an official of the Church Of God In Christ-the world's largest pentecostal religious body, will host the philandering mayor at his church, the Greater Immanuel Institutional COGIC. Apparently the church will be empty and will make the perfect backdrop for a mayor who is trying to save face after getting caught with his hands in Christine Beatty's coochie jar.

While I realize that Christian principles compel christians to forgive infinitely, I have to wonder, what kind of example is Pastor Sheard setting by allowing this womanizer to use the church as a vehicle to justify Kwame's adultery, corruption, and perjury?

I was under the impression that COGIC was hell bent on holiness and as the bible states "shunning the very appearance of evil". Guess I was wrong. I guess I'm also wrong about citing hypocrisy in Drew Sheard's support of the Federal Marriage Amendment in 2004. In an effort to protect the "sanctity" of marriage, COGIC issued a proclamation condemning gay marriage. Now I have my own reason for not supporting the religious sacrament of marriage and I think that the societal benefits and legal protections conferred on married couples should be available to all people regardless of their marital status. How then can Drew Sheard support the sanctity of marriage while approving of the actions of a serial adulterer and a LIAR?

So because Kwame will make his speech from a church, I suppose that will be grounds for making this all go away. Just say sorry and EVERYTHING will be alright. I wish the residents of Detroit well, but you guys are incredibly stupid for supporting this fool, as well as the one who pastors him. Perhaps Elder Sheard's time would be better spent on counseling Kwame about keeping his dick in his pants.


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