Thursday, May 22, 2008

When Liberal White Folks Go Crazy!! Michele Obama: Target practice for the Left AND Right

Nothing irritates me more than to listen to liberal white people lament about their lot in life and how they can sympathize with me, a gay black man, for being so disenfranchised. Very rarely will I exert any energy to engage them in conversation because the end result for me will be further contempt for them.

In an effort not to ANNIHILATE their idealistic little world of "off-whiteness" I'll let much of the ignorant shit that comes out of their mouths (and evidence of what's in their heads) slide. However, when I reach my limit I have to draw a line in the sand just to educate them on the fact that we are NOT the same because I get no direct benefit from the White Power Structure that keeps them in power. If white people are feeling oppressed, I can assure you it is only a symbolic oppression at best. Cognitively, white folks can feel as oppressed and marginalized as they want to as their ideal, but the reality is that they benefit from being white no matter their station, class, or socio-econimic level. The dissonance between the ideal an the real allows for them to be as dysfunctional as they want with no real repercussions for their actions. The system works and has worked for the past several centuries.

Look at the picture above. Isn't it provocative? Doesn't it push the envelope? Really drives a point home to you, doesn't it? The underlying concepts may be a bit more difficult to see, but for me they were quite apparent. The photo was created by ONECITIZEN over at the blog The DailyKos to illustrate the GOP's horrible treatment of Michelle Obama. While I can understand what point OneCitizen was trying to make, I HAVE to call into question the methods used to make that point.

Let's look at the picture more closely.

Why is Michelle Obama dressed in a skimpy red gown looking like a Lady of the evening?

Analysis: The hypersexualization of the black woman is a vestige from the Trans-Atlantic (Western) Slave Trade by which racism became the by-product. She is not a human being or even a woman for that matter. She is simply an object to be admired, reviled, raped, killed, and then immortalized as a wanton sexual goddess. Remember Saarjie Baartmann, the Hottentot Venus? Saarjie was never considered a person and even after her death from years of rape, abuse, and neglect at the hands of the white men who enslaved her and paraded her around as a circus freak, she saw no peace in death either. Post-mortem (or knowing how vile white doctors were to black bodies back them) she had her genitals, skull, and other body parts removed, preserved in formaldehyde and paraffin, and then placed on display in France. She died in the 1800s, but had not been given a proper burial until her body parts were returned to her Khosian descendants in South Africa during the early 21st Century.

Why is racism purportedly limited to the South? Are white northerners incapable of being racist?

Analysis: It's not that white northerners can't be as racist as southern people; Southerners and some Northerners just have tendency to be more transparent about it. The last time I checked the election, Hillary Clinton, her husband "Slick Willie", and Gerry "He's so lucky, cuz he's a colored" Ferraro, were doing this kind of psycho-political lynching and they consider themselves the collective poster child of white liberalism. So what point could ONECITIZEN have been trying to make? White racism knows no limits or regions; its pervasive and as American as Apple Pie!

*SIGH* I think that the time has come to be a little less tolerant of things that I allow to slide because things like this happen. Something in ONECITIZEN'S white mind compelled him to make this picture because he thought it was right. Too often, white liberals become too comfortable and it is up to us to check them for their foolishness.

What say you?


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

dont worry she the truth, she can handle her's

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

I'm glad you're in the AfroSpear and I'm glad you're looking critically at this image and at WHY the person over at daily Kos made it.

Over at the AfroSpear's American Journal of Color Arousal (AMJCA), I study the ideation, and emotion that become manifest in this kind of color-aroused posting behavior i.e. making and posting a color-aroused image such as the one above.

Of course, the poster would insist that he is not "racist" and a lot of white people would agree with him. I think it's much more useful to ask whether he was color-aroused and, if so, what the ideation and emotion were that led him to engage in this expressive act. That's the inquiry I saw you making above and, as you demonstrate, the analysis is much richer when you describe what you mean with literary specificity, instead of relying on the worn cliche of simply calling something "racist" and leaving it at that.

I predict that one day psychiatrists will realize that there is a lot of money to be made analyzing and treating whites who make images like the one you see above. If they follow my lead, they'll diagnose and treat their patients for Extreme Color-Aroused Ideation, Emotion and Behavior Disorder (ECEIBD), or ECA for short. People who make and publish images like the one above, really should receive competent screening for Extreme Color Aroused Disorder, because they're crying out for help.

Unfortunately, as Field Negro often tells me, there's very little difference between the white color-aroused antagonists of the pseudo-Left "progressive" variety and the white color-aroused antagonists of the Right.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

It goes without saying that if I posted at DailyKos an image of Elizabeth Edwards being raped by Black men, tied up and branded on the back, I would immediately be banned from participation there, again, for failing to accord whites the respect and deference that the routinely fail to accord to us.

Did you know that DailyKos's owner, Markos C.A. Moulitsas Zúñiga, was a precinct captain for Ronald Reagan, campaigned for Henry Hyde, voted for George H.W. Bush, vehemently opposed ALL participation of gays in the military in a letter to the editor, supports states' rights (to prosecute sodomy) and spent over a year in "training" at the Central Intelligence Agency during the same time that he was founding DailyKos?

And his Salvadoran family has received millions of dollars in overseas investments, including a million from the US's Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC).

And one of his family members is on a board of El Salvador's ANEP, which the CIA identifies as a right -wing terror organization.

AND the same relative owns an an international salt distributor that pollutes grey whale spawning grounds in Baja Mexico.

ANd they own the Joya del Pacífico Hotel conglomerate that's polluting El Salvador's internationally recognized and fragile Jaltapeque Estuary!

To me, that's quite an indictment:

The Indictment of Markos C.A. Moulitsas ZÚÑIGA by Justice and History (Updated with Additional Information and Counts)

Aside from all of that, I'm sure he could still be legitimate "progressive", if pigs can fly and read French literature.

Attorneymom said...

The Daily Kos and ONECITIZEN are both going on my "SIT YOUR AZZ DOWN" list. Wait until I get home.

Symphony said...

AM do you say that to your kids? "Wait until I get home." I felt a little chill go down my spine.

No one loves to talk about their color blind selves more than White liberals.

New Black Woman said...

I can't help but to get more angry every time I see this depiction. said...

Greetings BlkSeaGoat!

This blog has been CREDENTIALED to attend the Democratic National Convention!

No one is sending letters to Aaron Meyers, director of Online Communications at the Democractic National Convention to protest this blog getting such status?


{shaking my head]