Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Does MSM FINALLY Get It? Al Shaprton is a SELF-ABSORBED Opportunist!!

Today's story in the Palm Beach Post was nothing short of spectacular. Perhaps spectacular is an overstatement, but I just get all giddy when the Civil Rights Era rejects make themselves look like the "chitlin' eatin' negroes" (CEN) they are.

It comes as no surprise to me that during Sharpton's media circus, he stormed away from the spotlight when NAACP reps attempted to shine as well. It was just too funny, but also very telling. How is this man committed to the cause of preserving civil rights and crusading for social justice? He isn't; he is committed to himself and his own enterprises. Sure, he may be your garden variety hate-mongering, race-baiting, press-and-curl pompadoured, ghetto, pulpit pimp, but he's so MUCH more! He's a crass opportunist!

Thank you Al for showing us your morbidly obese backside. I am so glad that you had a tantrum on camera and made an ass of yourself even MORE than you usually do. My only regret is that more CEN's weren't there to partake in such a spectacle. Perhaps next time you'll get into a fist fight or a WWE brawl, but I can only hope.

You demonstrated your gross ineptitude at advancing your self-serving agenda. You also made it clear that a woman being raped and tortured by ten little fuck-ups is an afterthought and that the true victims were the sociopaths who violently attacked her and viciously raped and tortured her. You attempted to draw a parallel between the little black fuck-ups and the little white fuck-ups, and framed your argument in such a way that provided an excuse for the rape. You justified what they had done based on their upbringing and external social and societal factors.

Most of all, you have provided me with a seething anger that has motivated me to work feverishly until your organization is destroyed.

For that, I thank you!

Sidebar: Big Ups to Symphony for your quote at the end of the story!


focusedpurpose said...


you are funny! the way you write cracks me up:-) thank you for coming out swinging. you motivate me.

blessings to you,

BLKSeaGoat said...

Hey there Focused,

Thanks! I have to do something to make myself laugh because God only knows how bad my temper is.

I would have to exercise incredible restraint if I were anywhere near him.

I seldom hate people for their personal views, but Sharpton's are cause for me to rethink my hate position.

Thanks for reading and thanks for adding me to your blog roll.

Symphony said...

I loved Cerabino's article today. And I wished he would have used the quote where I called it a slap in the face to the victims and all Black women.

And you ARE funny, love it. You always add a special spin.

BLKSeaGoat said...

I liked the article too. I sent a copy of it to Michelle Malkin because she detests Sharpton's platform.

I'd have sent it to Ann Coulter too, but as you can see misery LOVES company. I thought they were sworn enemies.

When are we going to use the nuclear option on his ass?

Invisible Woman said...

Nuclear might be what it takes to get rid of him...

BLKSeaGoat said...

invisible woman, please consider joining the blogging 100. you can visit or

WhozHe said...

I had not heard about this, but you are right. Al has wanted to appear to be the HNC (Head Nigger in Charge) for years. He attempts to seize any opportunity he can to stand behind a microphone. His self serving ways having gotten to be way to obvious.