Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I am a reasonable and sensible man. I consider myself pretty patient and sometimes very forgiving. However, when I reach my limit things don't stay so pretty. You see I use to have a pretty short fuse that used to get me into TONS of trouble. I learned to control that fuse for the most part because explosive anger takes away from one's credibility and demonstrates to outsiders that I can't control myself.

Today is one of those days where my anger will be evident in this blog post. I hope Al Shaprton has a heart attack and a stroke all at the same time. He is a useless, piece-of-shit, civil rights era reject, and isn't worth the flesh his sorry ass is printed on! Today, yes TODAY that fat bastard will be in West Palm Beach, Florida to advocate for the RAPISTS involved in the Dunbar Village Rape Case. To be fair, he'll also be in West Palm Beach filing a lawsuit to prevent the State of Florida from holding their Democratic Primary.

What disgusts me most about Al Sharpton and his "chitlin eating ilk" is their hypocrisy. After my counter protest of Sharpton and his Hate Crimes March in Washington, DC, I had been contacted by a resident of Dunbar Village, Ms. Citoya Greenwood. Ms. Greenwood thanked me for bringing more attention to DV and also wanted some assistance in planning a community town hall meeting to address the needs of the residents of Dunbar Village.

For those who are still unaware, DV is a hell hole on earth. It is the place where 12 black male teenagers forcibly entered the apartment of a 35 year old Single mother and her 12 year old son. It is the place where these junior sociopaths raped, tortured, and sodomized this woman for three hours. It is the place where her son was beaten, tortured, and mutilated and forced to have sex with his mother at gun point by these 12 little bastards. For months, not a single black "leader" or social justice group did anything to assist the victim and her son. It was not until bloggers like Symphony at Essential Presence, Gina at Whataboutourdaughters?, and Professor Tracey at Aunt Jemimas Revenge started blogging about this tragedy that MSM began talking about it. The rape occured on June 18, 2007. Where were you when it happened? Did you hear about it?

Fast forward to November 2007. I learn that the Pompadoured, Do-Nothing, Hypocrite himself, Al Sharpton would be in DC chiding the government for it less than stellar record on prosecuting hate crimes. This would set the stage for a confrontation that would ask him and his supporters, "Why the hell are you STILL silent?" There would be 5 of us and countless stories in several national newspapers. You would have thought that the publicity surrounding the ineptness of our black leaders would have shamed them into doing something to actually HELP the residents of Dunbar, but no. They greeted our protests with the usual response, "I didn't know" or " Well no one asked me" as if these opportunists EVER need an invitation to be media whores. Did the Jena 6 or Genarlow have to ASK anyone to get involved? Still, Al in fact was a liar. He had been invited to Dunbar on several occasions and for every invite he spurned or simply ignored the request.

It was not until Ms. Greenwood had contacted him directly, while he was in West Palm Beach for a completely separate event, that he and his NAN reps decided to tour the housing project. He had promised to be a part of the community Town Hall meeting (its dates were changed multiple times to accommodate HIS schedule) and he had even promised to spend the night in Dunbar Village just to get a feel for what the residents had been dealing with for years. He failed to show for the meeting and canceled 1 hour BEFORE he was supposed to show up citing inclement weather and travel conditions. No flights from NY to FL had been canceled. He simply failed to show. Ms Greenwood spent two months organizing and planning this meeting. She contacted elected officials, community groups, legal aid groups, and HUD officials. She single handedly brought them all together and Rev. Al PROMISED to be there. After all, the meeting was to convene on a Tuesday evening because that was the only time HE would be free.

He failed to show and Ms. Greenwood was forced to make this announcement to her community. She is now being harassed by other residents, Laurel Robinson, HUD Director for West Palm Beach, and has become a target because she chose to be a voice for the marginalized.

Reverend Al COULD NOT show up for Citoya, the rape victim, or the residents of Dunbar Village, but he can show up to ADVOCATE for RAPISTS! What kind of FUCKERY is that?!?!?!

The message is clear people. Negroes like Al want us to believe that Black people LOVE criminals. If we didn't, why are NATIONAL organizations so quick to run to the defense of violent black offenders and rapists? Why are black female victims ignored in MSM, while black male perps get TONS of media coverage followed by a rationalization spin doctoring that excuses their crimes?

I posted a piece that Professor Tracey wrote last Saturday about the Soul on Ice Effect and how it relates to the dehumanization of black women and children. READ IT!

I am drawing another line in the sand TODAY.


Naima said...

Wow you do have an anger management issue, stroke and heart attack at the same time. While that was cold I do agree with what you said. Maybe they need someone to go Karl Rove on their asses so we can get some results.

BLKSeaGoat said...

LOL. Naima this was the REFINED post. My original posting called for people going apeshit on him and any other buffoon who sympathizes with his position.

I wish I could physically CASTRATE each little demon who raped that woman. Real Talk.