Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Happy soon to be Indigenous People's Massacre day AKA Thanksgiving. Well one of my greatest fears have been realized today (as I surmised it would happen) as the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments next year regarding DC's ban on handguns. I can only imagine what the ruling will be and which justice (if not more than one) will write the majority opinion for this case. My money will be on Scalia, Thomas, or Roberts although Kennedy may be the dark horse if the ban is overturned. Should the court uphold the ban then my money would be on Souter to write the majority opinion (he'll probably author the dissent as well).

DC Mayor Adrian Fenty is taking a huge gamble with this one and it will more than likely blow up in his face. Knowing this, I have to say, Mayor Fenty... you've got cajones; I just hope they are big enough to avoid a full castration by the highest court in the land. You had better hope that the justices realize that gun violence in the District has risen steadily since last year and that homicide levels have reached '06's annual total already.

The handgun ban has been widely criticized as ineffective because MD an VA still allow individuals the right to bear arms. Thus, this decision will have far reaching implications and effects on gun legislation all over the country.

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KittyHummerKitty2 said...

I LOVE you blkseagoat!!!! I have SO much repsect for you:-)

Attorneymom said...

Where the hell are you Blkseagoat?? I miss you. Did Gina piss you off??? LOL

DJ Black Adam said...

I don't see how a ban on hand guns does anything except keep people who AREN'T criminals from getting them? Criminals will always get guns because of the gun and drug trades.

Banning hand guns is a symbolic gesture at best, a way to ACT LIKE they are dealing with the problem of gun violence.