Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I will compose the Logistics and Instructional plans and try to have them published by this afternoon. The important news here is that the PERMIT WAS APPROVED!!!! Let's be ready to BE A VOICE for DUNBAR!!! AL SHARPTON'S SILENCE WILL NOT PROTECT HIM!!!


Vakker Kvinne said...

Got linked up to your blog from another one written by a brotha. I read blogs in the black-o-sphere in order to stay connected. I am originally from Arizona but I now live in Norway. Most of what is black here isn’t American, as most of the black here come from the Carribean, the UK amd Africa. All fine and good-I miss greens and MLK.

This is just further proof of how horrible and full of s**t the NAACP is. I am in NO WAY a supporter of the current NAACP due to a personal situation with them and my Dad back in Arizona.

He had a discrimination law suit against Lockheed Martin in the 1990's for racist behaviour sanctioned by managers of the company. He turned to the NAACP for help-and they turned him down because 1)Lockheed was one of their supporters and 2)because Lockheed was one of the few major employers in our city. It was sad and infuriating-especially since it was a class action suit which included all of the blacks that worked there-minus a few of the black secretaries (about 30 brothers). I remember the meetings we had at our home with 30 brothers crammed in the backyard talking politics and eating BBQ.

My Dad believed so strongly in the case that he spent most of his savings hiring lawyers and fighting it-and the NAACP refused to help them. The organization as I now see it is corrupt, powerless and a fraction of the organization that helped power parts of the modern day Civil Rights movement. I don’t want ANYTHING to do with them in any way.

Let me know if it’s cool to add you to my blog roll.

Anonymous said...

I gotta give it to you brotha. You have made a lot of salient points. You definitely got me thinking about this. I'm in DC. I'm the one that forwarded you the permit information. You're right on a lot of levels. I'm not surprised that you're encountering hostility and denial. Understand a black female life is NOT worth anything to white folks. And black folks, INCLUDING BLACK WOMEN, don't give a shit.