Thursday, July 10, 2008

JESSE JACKSON, Sr.: Portrait of a Chitlin' Eatin' Negro

So I am sure that many of you who read this blog are aware that I am not a fan of the self-appointed, reverendish, media-whoring, negro leader types. It's not that I am anti-Christian or anti-black leadership, but rather, anti-status quo. Jesse Jackson represents the worst of Civil Rights Era rejects who are struggling to maintain relevance. Dr. William Jelani Cobb poignantly talks about this in his nationally syndicated column.

Although I told my blog sister, Professor Tracy at Aunt Jemima's Revenge, that I was going to refrain from posting about this, I'll have to take that lie back because Jesse Jackass, Sr. needs to be gotten together!

Obama gave a very stirring speech about black fatherhood on Father's Day at an Apostolic Church in Chicago that boasts 20,000 members. Unfortunately it was met with mixed reviews by blacks and whites alike. There were two principle arguments that people took to make their points.

One thought was, "Yes! Tell it like it T - I - is!"

The other thought was "Stop going all Bill Cosby on black people! You can't talk down to us in front of white people!"

My thought was "Yes, Barack... take some of these fools to task because the only time they think of fatherhood is while they are getting a nut after getting their dicks wet."

So why is Jesse Jackass the focus of this post? By now I am sure that you all have heard the story circling the internet, that "Jesse wants Obama's nuts". He chided the Illinois Senator for being condescending to amoral black people, specifically men. He also scolded the Senator and candidate for POTUS and got a little pissy with him because Obama stepped on his toes. Jesse Jackass, Sr. is a philandering, womanizing, hypocrite. Armed with a hard dick teeming with active sperm, he sired a bastard child with a black former UGA history professor (yes, she had a PhD and STILL CHOSE Jesse), Karin Stanford. Where is this child, Jesse?

Why are you conspicuously absent from this child's life? Why do you want Obama's nuts in your hand when you can't even hold on to your own?

To the chitlin eatin' negros credit, he immediately issued an apology, but to me, he still hasn't manned-up for it.

Instead of criticizing Obama for calling SOME black fathers out for being trifling, call yourself out for being the very man Obama was encouraging some men not to be.

I am not too sure that Obama's remarks were disparaging or embarrassing for black people because black folks know the truth. Sure, there are some great black fathers, but they are NOT in the majority.

Black households are still headed by single parents and those people, the majority of them are WOMEN. The men are absent.

Let's cut the bourgeoisie bullshit and own our problems so that we can create solutions. The first thing we can do as men is be RESPONSIBLE providers for ourselves and families. For black boys, let's become more involved in MENTORING them and engaging them in the rite of passage from boyhood to manhood, whatever that may be. Let's abandon the contrived, uber-sexual, ideal of black masculinity and teach our boys that it's okay to be married, partnered, or in a stable and loving relationship before trying to sow their oats. In cases where the traditional nuclear family isn't applicable, let's still teach men to be providers and protectors and define what that actually means.

For those of you concerned with how black folks calling other black folks out looks to white folks, I've got news for you. White people already know that black people, black men in particular, are fucking up royally. I don't think they even care because they are too busy trying to sanitize their own image.

What makes Obama's remarks resonate with so many people, even if they disagree with his approach, is the fact that Obama has the moral authority to make such statements and take such a stance. Jesse can't do it. Cosby can't do it and Al can't do it.

Criticize all you want, but that man has a point about black men needing to take on the onus of rearing, protecting, and providing for their families.


Curious said...

Al? Don't tell me you're talking about the the good Reverend Al as well.

But I do like that you have not really criticized what Jackson said more than he should have been with the usual knee jerk reaction but rather explained what Obama said and why and the reason for the reaction towards it with a certain maturity. This has been missing in many recent discussions both on the news and even the blogosphere.

You have taken this episode out of the FOX News type arena and made it less silly and sensational in a succinct fashion. I have been more aware of the situation. Thanx.

Symphony said...

Good post BlkSeaGoat.

Some of these Black folks who are criticizing Obama for calling out Black fathers want it both ways.

One minute they shout you down for bringing White folks into the conversation with "I don't care what White people do, this is about us" rhetoric.

And now they whine because Obama talks to the Black community about its problem and he doesn't focus on the White people and their problems.

What happened to not caring about what White people do and what problems they have?

If you're going to self segregate ALL your problems into Black problems then don't cry when someone takes you to task (while not doing it to others) for those problems and tell you to act right.

Because you only care about you and your problems right?

Professor Tracey said...

Great post! I'm glad you weighed on this! Folks have to be called on their mess.

DJ Black Adam said...

I'm with you on this, Jesse needs to go take care of HIS illegitimate child...guess it hit to close to home for Jesse..

Don said...

i don't understand why jesse jackson would criticize barack obama for making not only true but brutally honest remarks towards the overall condition and hopeful upliftment of the black family.

even if jesse jackson took it personal, i don't see why he felt the need to simply chalk it up as obama 'talking down black people.'

i really don't think it was even about obama's remarks...i think this is a simple case of the old guard not accepting the fact that, although they ware greatly appreciated, it's time to take the movement into a more intelligent direction.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

he dont reflect me
i eat chittlins
stop sterotyping jones
u like the white man

BLKSeaGoat said...


I was going to respond to you directly, but I am going to believe that you're high-brow enough to understand my term within its context.

Thanks for stopping by. I am working on a post that will define what I mean by the term "Chitlin' Eatin' Negro".

It's a mentality, not the act of eating pig innards that I'm sure you're aware of. *lol*

Take care

blackgirlinmaine said...

Good post. Fact is that the truth makes some folks uncomfortable. Bottom line I think is Jesse knows that sermon while not a personal attack on him was most certainly applicable to him.

Instead of wanting to crush the man's nuts maybe he should reflect on his own life.

Conservative Black Woman is said...

YES AND AMEN!!!! You are profoundly on point and I couldn't agree with you more. Great post.