Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Soledad O'Brien: Why are you so God Damned Chitlin' Eatin'?

CNN - The Chitlin' NEWS Network sank to an all time low in my book tonight with the Negro in America miniseries.

In true Chitlin' eatin' fashion, the mulatto too asheamed to be a negro, Soledad captures all of the wonderful tidbits of what it means (in her bi-racial, irrational, white mind) to be black.

I still find it hard to believe that a person who has made it her life's work to avoid being classified as black, would have the ability to host such a segment.

CNN gets an F and so does Soledad.

I am seething as I write this, but I needed to get my knee jerk reaction out first.

F*CK YOU SOLEDAD, YOU DIZZY ASS! (Thanks for checking me on that focusedpurpose; you are indeed correct and I apologize.)



focusedpurpose said...

uh...internal enemy anyone?

political correctness prevents the average black person from telling the truth. i have spared myself the series. i did not need to watch to know where it would go. was anyone actually expecting anything different? really now?

so black folks are so hell bent with the anyone can be black business, the non stop kicks to head from the used to be mulatto now called biracial crew just keep on coming. the o man is doing a great job, too.

but then again, black black folks hate black, too. wth?

your lack of restraint was both refreshing and horrifying. how do you really feel?:-) why she gotta be a bitch, though? i don't particularly support men calling women that slur. not even gay ones. bitch belongs in the mouth of a man, like nigger belongs in the mouth of non black folks...not at all. (i don't think black folks should use nigger as a term of endearment, but then i never understood consuming random awful pig parts either. quite a few black folks do it despite it not making sense and being grossly unhealthy.)

you are correct, she has made a point of distancing herself from her black side. i was wondering if Deborah Roberts was available? as a black woman i would really appreciate it if we could find black women to represent us and our issues. the biracial invasion has long since been tired for me. maybe someday soon, biracials will be the face of the white, hispanic, and asian community as well? probably not, THOSE communities have self respect.

thanks for letting me share.


BLKSeaGoat said...


Thanks for "getting me together" I have amended the post and removed the bitch reference altogether.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

I don’t follow talking heads folk, jones here wasn’t raised like that. I don’t follow folk, I lead. all I got to say is "work hard and don’t complain"

Bernie said...

It is important to let CNN know that you didn't enjoy the series.

I didn't even watch, knowing ahead of time that it would be the same ole', same ole'.

Naima said...

I see a lot of the black blogs mentioning Soledads biracial heritage. I mean I know the special sucked and all, but how has Soledad distanced herself from being black, I mean I don't know her history? Why is her blackness being questioned?

BLKSeaGoat said...


You obviously know nothing about Soledad's history. Duly noted.

focusedpurpose said...


i know your heart is in the right place.

i share in love and i feel your frustration.

blessings my brother:-)

Ensayn1 said...

@BlkSeagoat, we all should have realized from the beginning that anytime a so called special about Black people is aired on a mainstream station like CNN it's going to play on the lowest stereotypes, or at lease emphasize them the most. These stations most important goal is to sell advertising space. The main targets are always pointed toward the white audience. I didn't watch it nor care to see it because I know that CNN nor Soledad could tell anything about being Black in America.

@FP, I give praises for what you wrote in the comments here. It seems you have the courage to voice what I have been thinking. I have been trying to formulate how I was going to approach this subject on my site concerning the new emerging "mulatto class" currently called "bi-racials". The so called white population is slowly dying, and as it was in the past here in the Americas a mulatto class rose as a buffer against the so called "Blacks" and so called whites. The Bi-racial class is coming to the forfront once again as it did in the late 1700's with the coming of the "light skinned" Latino moving in as a buffer as well.

focusedpurpose said...


hi!:-) my brother, there is truly nothing new under the sun.

what works gets repeated.

when i hear black folks talk about how long ago history was and how much it does not matter now---my faith in my people's intelligence wanes.

i have decided that i will tell the truth and shame the devil every step of the way. i am learning balance that i might live in full joy rather than with such a heavy disappointed heart. truly, knowledge brings sorrow.

yes, as a people we are voluntarily, now, rushing to create those that will be used mightily against us. again.

the strategies of white supremacy truly are wicked genius. i do believe in giving props where props are due. black folks would do well to wake up. soon.

blessings all,