Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Poor, Little Uber-Rich, Elitist, White Trash, Lynne Forrester De Rothschild Endorses John McCain/ Undermines her B.F.F. Hillary!

Am I supposed to be surprised that Lynne was going to take this route? White people, White Women in particular have a HUGE sense of entitlement. Lynne's actions were predictable and expected... at least by me. She was a huge HC surrogate and bought her Super-delegate status at the DNC by raising at least $100K for Clinton during her failed presidential bid.

She and a few other sour grape HC supporters are still lamenting over the fact the Geraldine Ferraro got it wrong and that their racism would definitely influence their "enlightened minds" in November. With all of that money, you'd think she'd pour herself a glass of that delicious red wine produced in limited quantities by her family's estate, pop a few pain-killers like Cindy McCain would do, and call up her 500.00-an-hour-therapist so she could have a good white woman cry and get in touch with her inner rich white bitch.

Instead, she's decided to be as petty an spiteful as I knew she could be. I am so proud of you Lynne for being the true unaplogetic, black folk hating, "I wish slavery and segregation were alive and well because the coloreds have gotten out of control", self! I'd raise my glass to you, but I actually prefer Chateneuf du PAPE by Vieux Lazeret over your Chateau Margaux. Call me a wine snob or better yet, another black elitist.

Hillary, what you gon' do about your girl? Ya'll need to do a Russian Tea Room style luncheon ASAP and follow it up with some mani's and pedi's, then a little trip to Bergdorf.

Okay, so thank you all for indulging me a little bit. Seriously though, how can a die hard Democrat, a Super-delegate even, endorse a candidate with ideological views that oppose everything you're supposed to believe in? Even worse, how does a a descendant of French nobility, a member of one of the most famous wine producing family owned vineyards in the world, call anyone an elitist? Bottles of Baron de Rothschild wines sell for upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Is Lynne really serious when she expects us to believe that the reason she can't support Obama is because he and Michelle are elitists?

I'm telling ya'll if Obama loses the race it won't be because his campaign floundered. Although he could make some marked improvements in refining and packaging his message to the voters, his loss will be directly related to one thing and one thing only... disaffected white people angry at the fact that blacks don't have to be subservient, anonymous, and inferior to them.

So Lynne, go ahead and act like a petulant child who didn't get picked to be on your favorite team. Let your fury rage at the fact that the white monopoly on American Politics, while no where in sight of ending, has begun to show its vulnerability to the new and soon-to-be, minority majority electorate. Keep using your money, connections, and status as a Democratic National Committee Platform spokeswoman to become a pariah. You are an irrational, spoiled, elitist white woman; let me hear you ROAR!

It wasn't enough that you and a few other rich whites tried to strong arm the DNC into pushing Obama out the race. It wasn't enough that some of your rich white gay comrades attempted to bitch slap Nancy Pelosi into persuading Obama to quit. Now, you think that you've dealt the cuop de grace to Obama by joining McCain and Palin. Good riddance to you and your rich white trash ass. You aren't worth the flesh that your sorry ass is printed on and the Obama Camp can definitely do without you.


DJ Black Adam said...

Racsism, simple and plain.

focusedpurpose said...

white women racist?

never! it's their men alone, remember?

i for one am enjoying the show. maybe now more folks will get real and stop pretending.


Woman in Transition said...

Aaaahhhh... Nice to be back. I missed reading this blog.

Curious said...

Actually I beleive the Baroness is married to the Rothchilds and her husband is part of the banking side of the family that left for Britain during the French Revolution. Never the less, are you really surprised that she would switch sides the moment she doesn't get her way. It's the way of a lot of people. Birds of a feather, blah blah blah. The thing to do now is persuade her and show her the error of her ways and then get ask for a sizable donation

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

she has changed the definition of elitest - she is a hater
have a great wekend jones

msladydeborah said...

Great post!

I especially enjoyed the statement she made about jumping the aisle. She called the bitter people~rednecks. Which I am sure that they will certainly appreciate hearing from someone of the her economic class.

Ensayn1 said...

Rothchilds! That name alone explains that it really has nothing to do with party ideology but, money ideology. Nathan Rothchilds of Britain is backing McCain, Rockefeller the U.S. agent is backing Obama. They are all just playing a kind of Trading Places game (remember the movie with Eddie Murphy) with the elections and political parties.