Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bastard Galore in the State of Tennessee: Desmond Hatchett, Father of 21 AND HE'S only 29 YEARS OF AGE!

File this one under "Working people's tax dollars at work". I actually feel sorry for the people of the State of Tennessee, because they have become the defacto parents for the 21 children created by one man and 11 women.

I can't say that I feel sorry for the mothers of the bastards because most of them admitted to knowing about the score of children this man had created. In the space of 2 years Desmond Hatchett fathered 8 children. He works minimum wage and probably only keeps a job to keep from being arrested and sentenced to jail. The state of TN is limited in its ability to force Hatchett to get a vasectomy or even a better paying job. Under current law, the state can only recoup 50% of his paycheck to split among the 11 mothers and the 21 children. Some mothers receive as little as 2.00 per sperm emission. and many have had more than one child with him, which really speaks to their mettle as the strong, intelligent, and purposeful women they are!

I know father's day has to be a complete hoot because I am sure that each mother uses her welfare check and food stamps to have a "Baby Daddy's Day" cookout to commemorate the virility of Mr. Hatchett. Even worse is the fact the the sorry ass Hatchett believes that he's a good father because he know all of the names of his children, their birth dates, and apparently when their mother are ovulating. Asked whether he has decided to have more children, he responded, "It just happened". So while many of you will comment about how society has made him and the women the way they are, that the children are innocent, and that I shouldn't be judging him or them, please take this time receive from me, a heartfelt middle finger.

The state of TN better keep a close watch on these children as they grow and mature into adult liabilities that the state will soon have to care for as prisoners, welfare recipients, and other degenerates. I cannot feel sorry for or even defend the women because they knew that this man was a jackass. They still chose to ride his dick, and even worse chose to incubate his seed. The story is disgusting in every way. The only victim in this sad story is the state of TN. Because of the critical failure of 12 people to make good choices, 21 people will end up having to be raised by the state and you KNOW how great the state is at caring for children... especially black ones!

Young, dumb, and OBVIOUSLY full of cum. He's worth more dead than he is alive. At least if he were dead, the state could leverage funds against the SSI survivor checks the kids would get until they were 18. Some sociolgist needs to follow the paths of these various bastard children to determine how they will end up... although I already have a pretty good idea.

21, in this case is NOT a winning number.

Here's to the powerful sperm of Desmond Hatchett!


thelady said...

this is beyond ridiculous, part of me thinks this man should be in jail but then the state would be paying to house and feed him too

BLKSeaGoat said...

I agree, he is a piece of shit, but what about the tramp ass, whorish women, who allowed him to use them as a sperm receptacle?

I added the video. I'm sorry... I want abortion to be more widely available to everyone and REQUIRED for the stupid.

thegayte-keeper said...
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Anonymous said...

blkseagoat, I dont think you mean abortion. More like sterilization for the stupid

Curious said...

You know that I am tempted to take your middle finger with honor and pride, but I actually agree with much of what you said. The children are innocent, Mr Hatchett is beyond stupid and irresponsible but the women are just as equally to blame. If they knew going into a relationship that this man had X amount of children and had no way of supporting all of them then why did they allow themselves to get pregnant. And even if they didn't know about the other children, why did they allow themselves to get pregnant with a man that they didn't know that well?

As for forced sterilzation, well that sounds like eugenics and you know my liberal and civil rights sensitivities would never be able to accept that even if it meant Hatchett and his women wouldn't bring more trouble into this world.

wisdomteachesme said...

i say this either in the news or the paper-somewhere--either way I thought it was a JOKE!
my goodness!
i remember a young man i taught and by the time he was a sr. he had fathered 6 children while in h.s.!
I thought that was a high number--but this guy is something else.
Soooo, no body believes in condones after the first 3?
and he is trying to start his own country, city, town or WHAT!!??
I just don't understand what in the WORLD is he thinking. And all those women...they have to know about each other...

i will truly pray for those children. Lord have mercy for the father and mothers, and have Grace for the Children IHN!


~the praying activist,

Jimmy said...

A hot mess. A shame that all involved are from my beautiful state.

Chet said...

This is so very sad and to think that the women knew of his past and how many other children he already had, yeah he may be attractive and the sex may be good, but no one should set out to have a baby with this man.

The children did not ask to come here, and now that they are here he really needs to step up his game get a real job, and a medical procedure is warranted.

thegayte-keeper said...

this is such a sad situation...this is quite the example for men who think making babies make you a man...

Attorneymom said...

Hey, Blkseagoat and Wisdom.

Join the movement against punk azz parents.

Sidebar: I fault the women in this story. They decided to open their legs to this fool knowing he was Octodad. I only feel sorry for the children.

jazine said...

Chet, there is no way he is going to get a good enough job to support his village of children. He would have to be a considerable wealthy man in order to take of them properly in terms of meeting their basic needs. His attitude and behavior has already shown that he can't provide stable, emotional support to his kids. The mothers are just as bad.

I'm with you BLKSeaGoat, the future outlook for the bulk of his offspring does not look good.

jazine said...

A quick add. Check out the youtube clip BLKSeaGoat provided. At the 1:17 mark where they provide the courthouse list of the mothers vs. Desmond Hatchett, you'll see two women who have the same last names. Please don't tell me these trifling females are relatives who man-shared! Sick!

BLKSeaGoat said...


I didn't even notice that, but I would NOT be SURPRISED at all.

I mean, really, is ANY dick that good?

Anonymous said...

This is my first time rolling through and I found you over @ Curious' Limited Means.

I have to say you should have put up both your middle fingers to anyone who tries to find some kind of sense in this nonsense.

I am a firm believer that the babies are innocent and didn't ask to be here, but those damn women.

That is the kinda bullshit that burns me up! I mean really? Nothing in their mind said condom, pill, shot or abortion?

I know I know we shouldn't use the "A" word, but damn? Children don't seserve this. He is a piss poor excuse for a man and those women really need to take a moment and figure out where they left their damn self esteem.

I don't know when spreading your legs and popping out a baby became an accomplishment, but I do know that this is one trend we should get rid of.

Excuse me while I go throw up, because this is just damn disgusting.