Friday, May 8, 2009


Please tune in as Blogging Titans, Shane (AKA BLKSeaGoat) and Shwana (AKA Attorneymmom) step into the fray of the Gay Marriage debate. The last we clashed was on Gina's blog over much of the same thing. This time, we decided to have structured discussion to clarify our positions on the subject. I'm sure sparks will fly, so join us!!!

Listen to Conservative Black Woman on BlogTalkRadio talk radio

Conservativeblkwoman ( will host a debate between two very passionate and opinionated bloggers Blkseagoat ( and Attorneymom ( Each will state their very compelling cases for and against same-sex marriage.

Place: Blogtalk Radio
Date: Saturday, May 9, 2009
Showtime: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM EST
Call-in Number: (646) 716-6204
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DJ Black Adam said...

To quote my Chicago peoples: "Oh HELLLL NAWLLL!!" I gots to tune into that! Hell, I might get brave and call in!

Attorneymom said...

I sent you an apology on my blog.

wisdomteachesme said...

lolo--hello blkseagoat!!

well, what a show that was.
my first time doing a podcast--and certianly not my last! The condition of so many of our people is a sad place for them to live in. Such self-hatred and anger do so many possess. I have to pray for their deliverance from such anger and unhappiness.

i enjoyed joining in with you as we shared our views, beliefs and the Truths concerning the wrongness being done to us about our rights as american citizens. And how laws are being passed to keep us from our rights as american citizens!

I also wanted to point out on the podcast But did have a chance to say; that NO ONE choses to Be hetero or homo! GOd does the choosing! He does not confer with any of us!

Some Straight people seem to miss the truth that no one is consulted about what they want to be--hetero or homo! So it's not a choice either way.

And as i said when we spoke last night after the podcast--because the rootball of some peoples thinking is based on their belief that we have chosen to be lgbtq, then their outlook and conversation will always be to bash and hate on us. AND i truely believe some of those people are closet lbgtq's)

How can a person say they have no problem with lbgtq's -that as christians they love us--but Yet do not allow us the same human rights that are afforded to all other americans!?

They need to learn below the surface.
So many people are drowning in shallow Waters!

here is a blog i think you will enjoy!
you may know about it already--Sister is Voicing soome good truth!

love ya!
on feet of faith and peace, WTm