Thursday, November 19, 2009


So it been a few months since my last post and ironically the 2 year anniversary of a Counter Protest I launched in response to Al-Sharpton's do-nothingness about the Dunbar Village Rape tragedy. The theme of the protest was so much bigger than Al's fat ass though. I, like many of you who read this blog (or used to but stopped because I haven't written anything in AGES), became infuriated with how the self-appointed coalition of black leaders (used loosely) are no where to be found when it comes to protect the lives of black women. Equally important is the fact that black leaders and theblack community in general are even more absent than normal when the victimizers of black women are black men. In fact, many black women vociferously defend the actions of those implicit in their degradation, humiliation, and dehumanization.

The protest only drew a modest group of supporters, but they were there nonetheless. It received national coverage and began a conversation that some black folks had been having in the blogosphere, but that had not quite been acknowledge by the greater mass of the black collective. For the amount of people we had and the nationwide coverage, I'd call that a success.

To that end I find it necessary to take to the streets once again next week. For many of you who have forgotten, serial child rapist and pedophile, Robert Kelly BKA R. Kelly will be in Washington, DC in concert. I haven't forgotten and niether should anyone else that this is the same man who brought us "Half on a Baby", "Feeling on yo' Booty", JEEP, and others like it. He is the same man who raped Aaliyah Houghton, pissed on a 14 year-old girl and was acquitted for those charges because of the silliness that exists in Chicago. If he had done any of that stuff to even ONE white girl, he'd be under a jail. Even black people would consider him a deviant because black folks have a tendency to treat white victims with the same deference as white people do... but I digress.

The fact remains that this protest is about the same thing and I'll be out there even if I have to be alone. Someone has to call attention to the fact that black folks need to drop a DAISY CUTTER on R. Kelly and industry that supports and compels him to continue making music. I have decided that the someone will be me. I'll post the assembly instructions and status updates here. In the meantime, if you care about black women and girls, DO SOMETHING!

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