Sunday, February 26, 2012

CHANGE ATLANTA Betrays Brandon White! Victim Blaming by ANY other name is the SAME

Hello friends,

I'll keep this post concise and because I have allowed my anger and rage to wane, I can put together a post without resorting to using expletives.

In recent days CHANGE ATLANTA has engaged in the disgusting act of victim blaming. Many of you may recall that CHANGE ATLANTA was supposed to be advocating for Brandon White, the victim of a videotaped hate crime/gay bashing that went viral. Instead of supporting Brandon White, CHANGE ATLANTA has hosted press conferences, forums, and meetings supporting the defendants charged in the beating and hate crime of Brandon White. CHANGE ATLANTA members Devin Barrington Ward, Terik Jackson, and Gary Avery Nichols have gone so far as to meet with the co-defendants attorneys, made on the record statements, and have repudiated Brandon White, the VICTIM of videotaped hate crime.

CHANGE ATLANTA'S reasoning behind smearing the reputation of Brandon White? That he KNEW his ATTACKERS so that makes beating the hell out of him not just okay, but definitely not a hate crime. I am not going to post the video here, but you can google it and see it for yourself. Brandon White was assaulted and they called him a FAGGOT several times during the assault. There has never been a more clear cut case of violence motivated by prejudice. Even if Brandon knew his attackers it does not justify the attack. In fact, most victims of violent crimes are attacked by people they know.

 CHANGE Atlanta's shameless showbiz activism has done absolutely NOTHING but further the celebrity of CHANGE ATLANTA members. In fact, CHANGE ATLANTA members Ward, Jackson, and Nichols have used local media outlets to engage in the worst sort of victim blaming ever. Regardless of what you think of gay people, Brandon White, or even the defendants, the fact remains that Brandon White was brutally attacked by 3 men on February 4, 2012. As Brandon was being attacked, the men charged with beating Brandon called him FAGGOT several times. They went on record displaying their chagrin and hatred for all LGBT people - not just Brandon.

What CHANGE ATLANTA has done is reckless and counterproductive. Their actions have demonstrated that they are no friend of the LGBT community. CHANGE ATLANTA's fundamentally flawed judgment is emblematic of a pervasive attitude of supporting criminals over victims - something that happens too often in the black community. Devin Barrington Ward, Terik Jackson, and Gary Avery Nichols should all be ashamed of themselves for the irreparable harm they are doing to the LGBT community, not to mention Brandon White.

I Stand With Brandon White. You should too.

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