Monday, October 15, 2007

Jena 6 at the BET Awards

Wow. What a difference a national movement, unrelenting press coverage (albeit very late), hundreds of thousands of petition signatures, black T-Shirts, and hundreds of thousands of dollars make. Now add to the mix two self-appointed, media-whoring, black "leaders" and we have the Jena 6 movement. This is a picture of Bryant Purvis and Carwin Jones ( l to r), 2 of the "Jena 6" from Jena, LA. at this past weekend's BET Awards. Now I don't mean to be a party pooper, but What The F---? Was it not enough that thousands of people from all over the country converged on a small Louisian Town to protest the unjust treatment of 6 young black men? Was it not enough that Mychal Bell, was sent back to jail to serve out an 18 month sentence for a probation violation? Was it not enough that only media coverage that chitt'lin' eatin' BET managed to broadcast about the Jena 6 amounted to a 30 second spot and a shout out on 106 and Park?

Okay, so maybe some of you will call me a hater for raining on this mornic parade, but I think it's still worth mentioning that these boys committed a crime. While the charges they were facing were probably extremely severe for the crimes they committed, they are still criminals awaiting trial. Crime, no matter how morally justified it seems to be, is still crime. Congratulations to BET for contributing to the further humilation and degradation of black people. This picture sickens me to my stomach and I copied from the website named The Young, Black, and Fabulous. Thank you BET for placing a stamp of approval on foolishness; jobe well done. For the Jena 6, is this what all of those people came to Louisiana for? Is this what the 400K raised for your legal defense was spent on? I realize that these boys may be young and that they've been made icons for an new Civil Rights Movement. However, they are facing SERIOUS charges that may result in them being incarcerated for a significant amount of their lives (any time spent imprisoned and deprived of freedom is significant).



DJ Black Adam said...

You took the words out of my mouth on this one, utterly inane.

Aly B. said...

wow. black folk have got problems. it's not even the fact that they committed a crime, which they did. i think the tone of their apperance at the award show (as evidenced by the above photo) shows that these boys are NOT what the new civil rights movement or any movement of substance should be about. serious injustices were committed in jena, la. but these kids don't seem to get it. i think its the same logic that applies to most people who loot after a black man is brutally assaulted police. for example. most black folk in a riot of that sort could care less about a revolution. they just want a plasma tv. maybe these kids just wanted to 'floss' and meet soulja boy or whoever. or maybe i'm just hatin too...