Monday, October 15, 2007

My Introduction... and my .02 cents...

I offer you greetings and salutations from Washington, DC's Brentwood neighborhood! I am elated to finally have a place where I can hone both my writing and critical thinking skills. The purpose of this blog is to provide another space for black people with good ol' fashion common sense. I realize that the title implies that there will be no foolishness here, but in most cases I will post the source of the foolishness. That way, you'll know that I didn't make it up and you can access the original source to draw your own conclusions and then post them here. I'll be moderating comments in an effort to combat SPAM, web crawlers, and people who lack both home training and common sense. This does not mean that I will refuse to post comments contrary to mine.

So here's a little about me:

I'm a black man who is also gay (and probably in that sequence if I were forced to pigeonhole myself into a certain dichotomous key). Much of what I write will come from my experiences growing up as a black male child. The gay part came much later-not that it was a huge surprise to me or my parents. I'm in my early 30's, consider myself socio-politically independent, spiritual, and I'm a little arrogant (why else would I create a spot to pay homage to myself? KIDDING!!! Really.). I have no children, but I am the eldest male of seven children and I did assist with the rearing of some of my younger siblings (emotionally and financially). Currently I work as a Social Worker in DC for a very marginalized population. I am single, but I do date and I have a range of interests from cooking to opera. I may post a picture on here, but for now you'll just have to form an opinion of what I look like based on what you read here.

BLKSeaGoat A.K.A. Sayeed

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