Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Community Activists to protest serial pedophile R. Kelly at the Church Owned L.A. Forum on Friday!!!


I just received word that a group of protesters lead by Najee Ali and Islamic H.O.P.E will be greeting serial pedophile and child rapist, R. Kelly at his December 14th concert at the L.A Forum. Now here's the kicker: Guess who owns that venue now? Resident false prophet, pastor, and child molestation promulgator, Kenneth C. Ulmer! Yes, it appears that the good Bishop is all about giving Mr. Kelly space and forgiveness to find some more unwitting pre-teen and teenage girls to degrade and piss on.

Now I expect the justice system to drag it's feet when it comes to protecting the lives of black women, but the black church? Nearly 85% of all black church parishioners are women; I hope this sends a message to the members of this mega church. If it doesn't, lemme make it plain for you: Kenneth Ulmer is just as guilty as R. Kelly. By allowing Kelly to perform, Ulmer implies that it's okay to molest and degrade young girls as long as Jesus can be invoked to bail you out and bide you some time to molest again.

Here's the info about the protest.

Good Luck and I'll be there with you in spirit!!!

P.S. Where was Islamic H.O.P.E during the fallout from Dunbar Village?

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Khadija said...

Thank God somebody's finally protesting this pedophile!