Sunday, December 9, 2007

Mike Vick... A lesson in Stupidity and hypocrisy and black people cannibalizing each other

This will be the first and LAST post I dedicate to the fallen NFL Star. Later today Mike will be sentenced in the State of VA, up to 5 YEARS in Federal prison for his involvement in a highly publicized dog-fighting case. I am not a Vick supporter, sympathizer, nor do I have any empathy for him and his situation. However, I think it's important to understand how Mike's stupidity is a minor distraction from what's really playing out in front of us. How is it possible to be able to hunt and kill animals for sport LEGALLY? Is there a difference between me shooting a deer and hacking it to pieces simply for the hell of it--and-- what Mike did? Story here.

I would deem both of the actions as inhumane treatment towards animals. Having said that, I am also confronted by my own hypocrisy though; I eat meat... I like to fish... I wear leather, shearling, wool, etc. Why am I not being brought up on charges of being an accomplice to or financial supporter of animal cruelty? I've seen the PETA videos about how animals are processed for food and clothes (and I am in no way a supporter); should we be as outraged as we are about animal fighting?

I won't get into the black-white racial dynamics affecting Mike's fate; his wealth alone (or so everyone thought) was supposed to be enough to elevate his class mentality and insulate him from thuggery. Unfortunately, it did not and now he has to pay. What I am more interested in (not as much as I am confused) is how Mike's black lawyers sold a brotha "up the river". How could any GOOD defense attorney allow their client to enter into a plea agreement without first being assured that the client would escape STATE charges? Unless these charlatans MEANT to screw Mike without vaseline, I would deem them incompetent counsel. In any case, Mike's stupidity got the best of him and that false bravado exhibited in May during multiple interviews may come back to bite him in the ass later today. The Judge in this case has nearly sole discretion in determining Mike's fate; I hope he sees that and sentences Mike fairly.

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