Monday, November 24, 2008

Christian + Insanity = Stupid Negros Supporting Rapists, Predators, and Charlatans

It's been nearly 3 weeks since my last post. I don't have a very good reason for having nothing to write besides being too lazy to sit down and put my thougts together for a post. I could use work for an excuse and although I've been busy, I just haven't felt like writing much of anything.

That brief hiatus ends today. So many of you have been visiting my blog quite frequently to read a series of posts I wrote in February of this year discussing the failures of the Black Church and its leaders and layity. One post was about Bishop Frederick D. Kelley in the COGIC being convicted of molesting and raping his foster daughter. From that sexual impropriety (that his wife was complicit in hiding) a child was conceived and Kelley and his wife took the child from their foster daughter and reared it as their own. Kelley was sentenced to 35 years in prison and is serving out his sentence in a Georgia State Correctional Facility. I'm sure someone is busting that ass wide open as we speak!

I went to the Georgia Department of Corrections website just to verify that this man of the cloth was incarcerated -- and as it turns out, he IS! He will not be eleigible for parole until 2043. Don't you just love that?

Recently, Mr. Juanita Bynum - Thomas Weeks III lost his church for refusing to pay his bills. He was approximately 400K in arrears when the Gwinnett County Sherriff's deputies came to evict Weeks' and his flock. They apparently interrupted Weeks from his weekly "Fleece the Flock and take advantage of the Greedy and Stupid" meeting, AKA Church Service. Regrettably, no one in Weeks church took the hint from God to stop supporting him. People in his church still stood in line at a rented ball room in a Holiday Inn Express to give him money. How irionic is that? I thought being at a Holiday Inn Expess made people smarter, not gullible... Bless their stupid little hearts and even tinier brains.

I have been constantly pained by other stories as well. While I am completely against the "gay panic" defense, a COGIC pastor was murdered by one of the victims he molested. As you'll see in the video contained in this post, another pastor raped and sexually molested the church's secretary and of course who can forget about the Apostle "Jesus loves Coochie and Spankings" Sherman Allen of Irving, TX? How about Donnie McClurkin's support of a man accused of sexually assaulting at least a score of black women over the course of the last 20 years? And Christians, PARTICULARLY BLACK ONES, have the nerve to be pre-occupied with Gay Marriage and abortions? WTF? You wanna protect the sanctity of heterosexual marriage, but turn a blind eye and issue forgiveness to sexual deviants because they have a collar around their neck?

Any rational person would ask, why do we continue to support these types of people? However, I don't think that's the question that should be asked anymore. Let's allow the stupid and greedy to "get got". The question for those of us with common sense should be, "How long will we allow these bloodsucking leeches to exists?" It is apparent that not even church folk can depend on other church folk. christians, believers, etc. to keep them from being victimized. Truthfully, I group all of them together until I can see a clear distinction among the "wheat and the chaff". I don't see more black christians being involved in advocay groups that raise awareness about abuse in the black church. What I see is excuse making and passive aggressive acquiesence. Many of the self-professed "true beleievers" will acknowledge the shortcomings of the black, but that's it. They do nothing the keep the experiences of the victims of the black church from happening to other people.

They typically twist scriptures to justify their apathy and sloth. They incorrectly apply the "judge not, lest ye be judged" idiom to relinquish their responsibility to their fellow believers to question the egregious conduct of their leaders. I get it, No one wants to be responsible for the implosion of their church or denomination. The cost of preserving a traditionalist institution that relies on blind faith and complete abandon of critical thinking, far outweighs the far reaching impact that spiritual mutilation has had on the lives of many parishoners/believers.

Those who choose to do the opposite of the true believers are ridiculed, condemned, and are often the objects of vicious personal attacks and vitriol... all from the hands of true believers.

This video embodies the unpopular view of the black church. It emphasizes the experiences of the victims over the lives of leaders and the foundations of churches. (Hat Tip to Kevin AKA NotYourTypicalNegro on youtube)

What say you? I must warn you though, if you come to this blog expecting to defend the black church's foolishness, be very ready to be torn a new one. I will only allow such stupidity to be displayed in one or two comment posts at the most.


Curious said...

"He's Back."

DJ Black Adam said...

Glad you're back!

Fact is, you are correct, this crap is not even on the list of things I would defend, persoanlly these people need a slap in the back of the head, but you broke it down: "Stupid and Greedy" people get got by "Smart and Greedy" people with no moral or ethical center (let alone the fact that they are spiritually corrupt).

The sad thing is that while these people give MILLIONS to the rich and shady, their neighborhoods are deteriorating, schools falling apart, in some cases their own lives are falling apart, while they get "Pastah" a new car. Sad.

I know one day I will start a ministry, a church even, and I can assure you, if I were to take in 450K a month, 440 is going to womens and childrens shelters 8K to operations and 2 for a monthly salary. But I don't think I'll have to worry about that, I'll be preaching "The Gospel of the Kingdom of God", and that message don't play well to audiences concerned about God blessing them with their new car as they give their money to people to buy cars for themselves....

Randi523 said...

I agree whole-heartedly with DJ Adam.

Divalocity said...

We as a people really need to acknowledge the truth! We fear the truth! Homophobia is alive and well in our community.

Hypocrisy is in abundance in the so called Christian community. We can not change people views how they view one another, only they can do that.

This process will be monumental in attempting to dismantle ingrained beliefs. Disregard all comments and self-define who and what you are. It’s painful and it works, the first way by doing this is by breaking this fake bound of loyalty that so many of you hold to the black community. It holds you in captivity, what’s family about Black folks? We are just as divided as ever. If they can not hold you in reverence and respect, there should be no loyalty to a people who don’t respect you.

Many black people are not enslaved mentally by Slavery 2.0 as many of our peers and families still are. No amount of praying will help people who believe that they are inferior. It will have to start with them.

I personally don’t like how it’s being portrayed as if somehow black women are jealous of Black Gay men and look at them as their competition. Until black women learn to open up their options by dating men from various ethnic backgrounds those with lower self-esteem will continue to feel slighted and betrayed.

Do you feel that the Caucasian LGBT community has your back and those of your peers? Or are they looking out for their own self interest? Just a thought.

It pains me when I see the suffering and hurt those within our own community have to endure by a group who are some of the most judgmental on the planet earth, sometimes me included.

I can go on and sin and ask forgiveness later can’t I? That is what we do as Christians don’t we? Sin and sin again only to ask for forgiveness and do it all over again.

No wonder why so many of us are confused as ever and on the verge of fanatic fundamentalism!

Anything that you feel is worth having then by all means fight for it! Hold your head high and move forward, break the chains of captivity! Your freedom is at hand!